Album Cover: Redman – ‘Reggie’


Redman introduces us to his alter-ego Reggie on the cover of his seventh solo album (previously titled Reggie Noble 9 1/2), in stores March 30.

The Funk Doc told that we can expect Auto-Tune and pop songs on the project. “Reggie Noble don’t give a fuck!” he said. “Reggie Noble is doing the album, not Redman. Let’s get that clear.”

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  1. The Truth

    Not sure about anybody else but I’m sick of this movement of “alter egos” in music. It’s cheezy. Just put out some good music and let it speak for itself.


  2. jtm



  3. omg

    They think cuz Beyonce was successful then they could do it sorry redman and usher


  4. 112

    Eminem and t.i did it way before beyonce and usher isnt even trying to do it get your facts straight smh beyonce fans are so blind


  5. SirThulsaBOOM

    LOL@ The Truth and OMG.
    Redman been having alter egos for ages now.
    I’m sure y’all familiar with the Soopaman Luva tracks on his albums, and the Reggie Noble things been going for a while. It’s not like he just hopped on the bandwagon out the blue.


  6. DopeFunkStilIncluded

    real talk Sir, Redman got his alter ego since he stepped in the game with his debut in 91′ so aint nothing new’ besides that, who more creativ in hip hop today? if you rather wanna hear rappers talking about how much money, swag etc they got your choice. and im sure this album will be typ phat cuz he always droppin dope shit even if he fux with pop and atuotune he might to it with style.


  7. Ricky Grattage

    How can red b jumpin on this alter ego bandwagon wen he put out redman meets reggie noble yrs ago. Have u h8ers got fuck all else 2 do than bitch,it’ll b a dope album regardless ov pop songs n auto tunes,fuckin h8ers.


  8. Illadel Halflife

    Just listened to the Pancake and Syrup mixtape. If “Reggie” is anything close to it, Oh My God! Real Hip Hop is back y’all! In the word’s of Kevin Hart, “It’s About To Go Down!”


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