B.o.B Reacts to Eminem’s Praise, Hints at Collaboration

Eminem and B.o.B

Not too many artists can get Eminem to guest on their records, let alone their debut album. But when Slim Shady is already a fan, it doesn’t take much convincing.

When asked if Em would appear on his April 27th release B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, B.o.B remained coy, telling Rap-Up.com, “Could be true. Eminem might be on the album.”

Em co-signed the “Nothin’ on You” hitmaker early on, saying, “B.o.B is crazy. That dude can rap, he can sing, he makes his own beats, he can play guitar, he can play the keyboard. I was like, ‘Do you dance too? What don’t you do?’ I think he’s like 20 years old and the dude is like crazy talented, especially for his age.”

The Rebel Rock/Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records signee, whose first single is shooting up the charts, doesn’t take the compliment lightly. “That definitely adds a star to my strap. It’s crazy because when I was in middle school trying to rap, I used to always tell myself, one day I’m gonna be signed to Interscope,” he reveals. “I’m gonna be so dope at rapping that they’re gonna sign me just for being dope. Of course it didn’t happen that way, but just the fact that I got the recognition of one of the artists that influenced me the most is surreal.”

So now that he’s met his idol, what’s the notoriously private rap star like in person? “He’s very calm, very opposite of Slim Shady. It’s like the alter-ego. And as an artist, you have to have the alter-ego thing. You have to have the split personality. It’s almost like you have to be crazy. You have to really lose your mind.”

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  1. Matt Kemp

    i;d play with both of thems pubes

    no homo


  2. jtm

    eminem did mention working with b.o.b so i think it is true that he will be in the album.


  3. test123

    be sure he’s on his album since B.o.B. inked his publishing deal through Shady Publishing…


  4. Pinoy

    Cool never heard of B.O.B but if Em like I like cause Em has been taught by the best the good doctor Dr.Dre.


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