Video: Monica – ‘Everything to Me’


Monica warned us before. She’s just “Too Hood,” as evident in her new video for “Everything to Me,” the first single from her sixth studio album Still Standing (March 23). Mo fights to protect her man, played by Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, who’s being stalked by an Eva Mendes look-alike in the Benny Boom-directed clip. It’s goin’ down.

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  1. 2 Buck



  2. will

    Love the song but it didnt go good with the video at all. Kinda disapointed but i know monicas album will be a banger.


  3. dc0lit0

    i muthaphuqin luvz luvz thz m0nica vide0, da s0ng g0es wit da vide0. u did y0 shyt m0nica h0lla gurl


  4. part

    VERY quick ….kinda boring n song is so sim[le n boring


  5. jermaine

    WOW! mo kill that. she back, you kno wat R&b is back….


  6. listen

    written by Jazmine Sullivan


  7. Romello

    The song and the video do go together. lol.


  8. Kyle

    I understand the theme of the video and all but it’s kinda cheesy. Nonetheless, great song and I’m definitely ready for that album to drop.


  9. Harvey

    It’s like the movie “Obsessed”. I like it. It woulda been cool to make a mini-movie out of it and get more in-depth…like the video for Ashanti’s “Rain On Me”.


  10. bass_man

    I absolutely love the song! I think it’s one of her very best.
    I just thought the video was just not in sync. they could of at least threw in some dialogue to make it flow and make some kind of sense..

    I’m still copping the album.


  11. ugh

    LOL @ 0:17! Thought it was Kim Kardashian for a second!!

    Mo has an AMAZING voice but her songs always lack luster,they are so dull. I thought this was Obsessed part 2 and the way monica described it in the preview i thought there would be dialect, like in Ameries video. It needed a good intro and something in the middle to kinda set it straight.

    on a side note: Only a “Too Hood” chick would show up in an outrageous couture outfit for court to fight against a stalker. SMH.


  12. WellHere'sWhatIThink

    My interpretation of this is that she has a stalker chick trying to take her man and kid, so she takes care of it.


  13. The Great Gatsby

    1.Hated monica hairstyle…look stupid. Rock the short due from back in the “miss thnag era”
    2.Song was short.
    3.Video needs dialouge
    4. should’ve came with something better, this is not 1st single material.

    Still gonna cop her album tho.


    ne-ne Reply:

    @The Great Gatsby, u a hater all that hate in but she got money so wat u say dont matter u mad cause she got shit u want


  14. 100% Nikehead

    Cmon monica what is this? We have already seen obsessed and Fatal attraction can we get a new concept something different. The song doesnt even go with the video in my opinion. I love monica ever since Miss Thang era but this video is a complete fail. Very disapointed


  15. David Thespokenword Washington

    The song is great, the video is & was great. People are doing too far. THe point of the video was the woman was Obsessed with her man & everything attached to him, except her of course (her man, her daughter) she wanted to be where Monica was. Through what the woman was doing, she still remained to be in love with her man. Other women would be like he cheating, he’s unfaithful. But, her man was everything to her, & she believed & trusted in him that he wouldn’t do her any wrong. So she even stood by him in court, pleaded & fought against her. He means “EVERYTHING TO ME” because no matter what she loves him nonetheless & knows her man is good. Thee end.. Also, with the fact the video had to tribute Alexader McQueen’s fashion, she had to cut time for that in the video & divide that with a storyline/concept & a performance piece, so it wouldn’t be a random video running to a playback of a song. So, she did well with that said.


  16. jay109

    the video was boring didnt go with the song at all…she could have done better…i’ll still get the album


  17. Catie

    I’m loving the video but i was never a big fan of the song. I’m more into her songs like “Still Standing”, she should have waited and released that as a single instead of using it as a promo single back in 2008.


  18. lovley bayarea girl

    looove monica! im sooo excited that shes back..i have absolutely no doubt what so ever that her comback album will be a huge success! she has definitely stepped her game all the way up…vocals, and style are to the MAX right now. IM PROUD!


  19. ella



  20. drtash

    I like the song, but not too sure about the video. I think it’s about time somebody brought REAL r&b music back coz it sure seems like everybody’s doing the same trends lately and it’s getting a little bit tired. AND SHE’S LOOKING AMAZING!!! I didn’t know she was a fan of Alexander McQueen.. I’m definitely gonna look out for the album when it comes to the U.K.


  21. girl

    i dont understand whats not to like


  22. kekeluvsu

    MO STRAIGHT KILLED. I can’t stop watching this video. IMO it’s her best. I know some will disagree but I just simply LOVE it.


  23. shak

    Little girl who plays Monica’s daughter i Everything to me is Queenelizabeth Perkins found on Actor’s access and IMDB


  24. tonya moore

    hey this your gur tonya jus tstop by to tell you that i like your song is a great song


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