Behind the Scenes of Estelle’s ‘Freak’ Video

The freaks come out on set of Estelle’s video for “Freak,” the first single from her third album All of Me. The fashion chameleon covers herself in body paint and dons various avant-garde outfits in the Nabil Elderkin-directed clip, co-starring an uncomfortable Kardinal Offishall.

“It’s a very sexual song. I wanted to kinda take it away from being about sex and more about bringing out your inner freak,” explains Estelle. “It’s kinda a metaphor for how you control your life, so you have your different personalities. You bring them out when you need to.”

The video for “Freak” premieres Friday at 4 p.m. EST.

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  1. ill

    dooope! i like this as the first single for her. definitely a feel-good-dance-all-kinds-of-crazy music.


  2. The Truth

    The song is craaaaaaaaaaazy hot. Cannot wait for this to come out. The video is looking all kinds of crazy and I like that. Estelle looks like she is doing avante garde well. Such a beautiful and classy lady. Big ups the London Lady!


  3. test123

    what the hell is this?! horrible. this is noise, not music


  4. CrunkHam

    Grace Jones is BACK!!!!


  5. Gucci Mane Is Back

    @tes123 Its Music, Hot Music Get Use To It


  6. A Dude


    (At least in EUROPE)

    Get that smash hit Estelle !


  7. fleshTONES

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Estelle is bringing it!

    @The Truth
    Estelle has been doing avant grande fashion since 2007. This is nothing new to her.


  8. vox populi

    love Estelle. UK stand up. can’t wait for this video and Kardinal is a beast.


  9. hmm

    no this girl did not dip herself in TAR. :O


  10. tdot

    Estelle is great. Kardinal holds it down for Canada like my boy George Reefah in Toronto!! Next level, y’all.


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