Rap-Up TV: Shanell Goes Back to the ’80s with Aubrey O’Day

When she’s not dedicating time to her Young Money family, Shanell is lending a hand to other artists including her friend Aubrey O’Day. The singer-songwriter dueted with the former Danity Kane member on a cover of Eddie Murphy’s 1985 hit “Party All the Time.”

Now Aubrey is planning to keep the party going with a solo album, and Shanell drops a few hints as to what it may sound like. “She loves the ’80s and she’s kind of a I-love-everybody type of fun girl, so it’ll probably be along those lines. Just fun music, dance music,” she tells Rap-Up TV.

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  1. Tonya

    Can’t wait, I love Aubrey, sure she’s a trainwreck but sometimes the most creative people are!


  2. LAKEE

    that song leaked last year some time. But it is really cute. I like that they didn’t change the words so they’re still singing “My Girl…”


  3. The Truth

    Really Shanell?? Aubrey hot ass mess O’day?? And is it me but I can’t get over that nasty ass nose/earing combo?? uuuuuuughhhhhh


  4. Jeffery J-Boe

    Nope, It’s Not Just You @The Truth… I Was Looking Like “DAMNNNN” That Shit Must’ve Hurt, But I Can’t Wait For Her, and Aubrey Album… They Better Be Hott, But Shanell/SNL Older Sister D.Woods Looks Better, I’m Trying To Hate On Her, She Would Look Better Without That Thing In Her Nose, and Ear…LMAO


  5. Jeffery J-Boe

    I Meant I’m Not Trying To Hate On Her…


  6. bijan

    Why would she lower herself to aubrey’s level?
    Aubrey is all about Aubrey. Not the music. Just look at her career choices…


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