Video: Jennifer Lopez Parodies Rihanna, Performs on ‘SNL’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez goes from the block to 30 Rock. The triple threat played host and musical guest on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.” Among the highlights was the opening sketch where J.Lo acted as Rihanna in a parody of the “We Are the World” remake recording sessions.

She also performed two new songs, “Pieces” and an acoustic version of the Danja-produced “Starting Over” from her seventh studio album Love?, which she still plans to release this summer on a new label.

“We Are the World” Sketch


“Starting Over”

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  1. Carl

    Only way to ressurect a failing career J- Ho?


  2. kekeluvsu

    U Mad Carl? Cause you seem really pressed about it though. Let J.Lo do her thing. The shit was funny which it was supposed to be. Don’t like it get on.


  3. Marsha



  4. Jeffery J-Boe

    Jennifer Lopez/J.Lo, Is So Damn Funny Until It Don’t Make No Sense, And @ Carl “Hating Ass”… At Least She Trying, and Not Giving Up Like Your Hating Ass… HATERS THESE DAYS JUST HATE FOR NOTHING… And The Songs Were Hott, and Maybe She Has A Chance To Come Back Hotter.


  5. Melinda

    Jennifer Lopez is amazing! Her voice live sounds so great,she should always sing live.
    I cant wait to hear her new album! I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ so much


  6. GAGA

    she needs to sing live all the time,she’s much better then I expected! Her the songs are beautiful.


  7. Anonymous

    She sounds good i must say.


  8. zoe

    she sound quiet good “Starting Over” i like that song alot.


  9. fallo



  10. katielou

    @carl why hate? Jennifer was doing her thing Yup she sounded pitchey in the first song but so what? Mariah,Gaga even beyonce have sounded pitchey and off sometime the most important thing is she sang live, (Listen to Gaga perform pokerface a lot of her performances she was so pitchey and off key)

    I was quiet a shock to see her perform starting over I mean she was very very good she deffo has pipes and she is just coming back into the game, she pulled it off amazing, I cant belive how great she sounded in starting over she really nailed it,

    Am so proud of jennifer and No one can not say she cant sing when she clearly can, She aint no whitney but dam her vocals have really got better!

    U go Jennifer people always wanna see u fall and u still get out there u make your fans so proud!


  11. jess

    She missed a few notes on “pieces” but other than that i have to say that i’m impressed, she did good, and the songs are good too.


  12. Jessica

    Her voice was so good !!!!
    I love “PIECES” I think could be a hot single!
    “STARTING OVER” its so nice, this its an acoustic version !!!!


  13. Steeve

    She not sing live when she dance ! BUT NOW SHE’S DEF A SINGER ! I LOVE HER , SO FUNNY ON RIHANNA .


  14. queen beyonce

    j.lo looks goorrrgeous in that snl photo… anyways the skit was aiight


  15. Lola

    I Know “CARL” is a J.lo haters . he always say that. I read all this comments on toyas world .
    We are J.LOVERS ! she’s amazing on SNL !


  16. Rashaan

    Am I the only one that had the volume up on my computer???? Now I have supported JLO in the past but these songs are not cutting it! She does not have the voice to lead these songs…this is my opinion and not hating on her!


  17. Bob79

    Wooow , she did great job.I didn’t expect that! maybe I’m gonna buy her album …wait and see


  18. Tristan

    That sucks, hating others’ success is not a way to construct anything. Why didn’t she try to do something better if she (or they) thinks this We are the world II isn’t that good? At least, Rihanna and other famous persons who appears in Part II, raised a lot of money.. So why keep on hating? Only for personal interests I guess…


  19. DJ

    She should go back to the On-The-6-era. She sings horrible and the music is completely crap.


  20. Dave

    Ya know. Overrall it was. B+ the effort was obviously there. But she needs to keep practicing if she really wants to establish herself or the world gonna forget about her like sisqo. She should have done an upbeat track.


  21. Liss

    I don’t think it was funny…


  22. David Thespokenword Washington

    She has good range live. But, her voice i’m not to sure about that.


  23. concerned listener

    Are you people deaf? My ears literally bled as this ally cat struggled to bleat out these uninspired love ballads. She’s got to come harder than this, although she looks great, her vocals should have been prerecorded.


  24. Marsha



  25. mal

    she hurts my ears


  26. Bernardo

    Her new single is already a hit! Great vocals awesome song.


  27. TMZ

    J.Lo sounds terrible, lady GaGa sounds better then her!

    The truth is is never could sing, she’s is a dancer that did what other young beautiful ladys do to get in the music business!

    Shes’ Done!!


  28. tdkk

    Jlo! She did good! I think slowing it down and taking her time was a great idea.


  29. Wagens Jerome

    pieces has a celine dion flow to it


  30. Nabi

    Я обожаю RIhanna


  31. drtash

    skit was ok but not that funny.


  32. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    The skit was hilarious! But, she didn’t really impersonate Rihanna that well.


  33. MB

    I’m a huge J-Lo fan, since day one… but “Pieces” was horrible!! Then her voice cracked? I was done…


  34. Julian

    I’m a juge J-lo fan , since day one , and i’m proud about what she do on SNL !!

    I called this BE A FAN ;)


  35. katielou

    concerned listener …….. Dont listen to ally cats then boo, You should of listend to Jens songs 0_0

    she nailed it People will always hate but jennifers the star and haters well Lol sat at a computer hating on a somebody…… How sad


  36. FICO

    I LOVE Jennifer Lopez…Nd i was really hoping she wasnt gunna lip synch, and thank god she didnt! The skits wernet that memorable as the ones in 2001, but it was still good. Now i really cant wait for LOVE?


  37. Princess

    Now everyone knows that Jen SINGS LIVE!!! she was so good and i really liked the songs Pieces,She doesn`t` have a Celine Dion voice we all know but she do her notes well and we have to admit that singing live is a bit difficult.In my country lots of singers came and sang live like Enrique Inglesias,Lady Gaga,Black eyed peas etc and they all weren`t` that good when they sang live cos like i said it`s a bit difficult.She really acted good i really laughed and enjoy it.Keep up the good work Jen can`t wait to hit the beach in summer with your new album Love?


  38. tell'em

    “Starting Over” was decent at best. She pales in comparison to most singers on the market and this just proved it. Wow, she sung live!…Shes a singer, she should’ve been doing that all along. And the skit was a miss, SNL is slacking.

    And no I’m not hating just stating my opinion and most share it hence her relevance fading in the music industry.


  39. bodacious



  40. bodacious

    and besides that jlo is beautiful, and she is a dancer/actor/singer and she’s good at what she does.


  41. bodacious

    one of the “in living colors dancers”,,,,, and a back up dancer for janet ,,,, shall i say more and she represents her self very well. just goes to show that if you takecare of yourself then you will be looking great for years to come !!!!!!!


  42. bodacious

    i hope she signs with def jam, and her and riri will be in the same family music wise ,,,, maybe do a coll.together .


  43. tell'em

    On a positive note, the Telemundo skit was funny.


  44. Magver21Brazil

    This F***** industry disrespect JLo as artist!
    Its sad, not only JLo but Brandy, Ciara,Mariah, Ashanti, Mya and so much many others!Im so tired of it!

    After these performances i need to say: I LOVE JENNIFER!

    I need Love? now!!!


  45. Sasha Jordan

    Are you kidding me? She can’t carry a tune to save her life! That cat suit doesn’t help her horrible voice-it was pure comedy!! With all her money after all of this time she still can’t sing and needs to give it up. Learn from Madonna, girl. (You see she doesn’t try to act anymore) Don’t go chasing waterfalls- PLEASE stick to the rivers and lakes that you’re used to!! Thank god she’s pretty.


  46. Julian

    Are you kidding me ? Sasha jordan is an other stupid haters , with no life !!

    J.LO did great performance ! love her


  47. Definitive

    Poor stupid haters with no life, that just shows how insecure can be a person (for you Sasha Jordan). Jennifer Lopez did a great job, and i’m not a fan. Before this, I was think that J.Lo’s career was over (with that “Flopoutins” thing) but if she focuses on some of her new songs like “everybody’s girl” or “what is love?”, she definitely get back, plus this type of performances makes a good promotion!!!


  48. Sandra

    SO MUCH HATERS HERE ? bouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Anyway J.LO killed it , great girl ! Hope a tour .


  49. Dj Dalla

    @CARL youre so right…i think its the only way to ressurect a failing career….j-ho is a bitch


  50. Dj shutup

    @CARL , youre so wrong , i think Jlo is the best and you are the bith with dj dalla .LOL


  51. Dj shutup

    @CARL , youre so wrong , i think Jlo is the best and you are the bitch with dj dalla .LOL


  52. ladie

    I was there during the dress rehearsal of the show and thought her singing was horrible!!! I honestly felt sorry for her. She has guts! lol. I then went home and caught the live show and thought she was just as bad. She is beautiful and has many talents but singing isn’t one of them!!! Goes to tell you what money can do for a person. ;)


  53. Fella

    I was also there during the dress rehearsal of the show , and she sing better than the live . she a great singer , go jennifer .


  54. Marsha

    BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA @ladie AND @fella..

    so both of you contradict each other!

    @ladie you say HORRIBLE, do you even know what HORRIBLE singing is??

    come now, i will show you, cos even tho’ she aint a celine dion, but thats far from Horrible!!


  55. ladie

    @Marsha – Do you even know what tone deaf is? Because apparently you and some others seem to suffer from it! ;)


  56. Marsha

    Yes Apparently i forgot you suffer from Alzheimers!
    Sorry babe!

    Between bass,tenor, and the tiniest voice – find which jennifer is, and i dont think you will find her in HORRIBLE!as u stateD S/M!!
    Horrible is for somebody who cant even ”start” a song, a note – GET IT!!!


  57. ladie

    That doesn’t even make sense.. I have Alzheimers and that means what in this case? Plus you said YOU FORGOT I suffer from Alzheimers… in the same sentence… sounds like you’re the one with the old timers issue, which would also make sense as to why your hearing is going too.


  58. Fella

    @Marsha , yeah its a point of view ! maybe “ladie” think J.LO is celine dion . but j.lo is not celine dion , jlo is jlo . I don’t like celine dion too .

    Jennifer do her thing , she’s not the best voice of the world , but she can sing , can dance , can act , can made joke , made commercial , made clothes , made fragrande , made restaurant….

    Anyway @ladie , for me she sing a lot better @ the rehearsal , but live are very good too .

    It’s just diverstissement people , STOP THE WAR .


  59. Catie

    Honestly, people can say whatever about Jennifer but to me, the girl can do it all. I think she killed both of her performances and she really did prove she can sing. I’m not saying that she’s in the same range as someone like Mariah or Celine but she can definitely hold her own. I really am looking forward to that new album.


  60. Marsha

    Bwaahahahahahahahaaaaa as i am getting crazy – LOLs me sooo haaaappy!
    You said that ‘we suffer tone-deaf’ – yes and thats why that stroke struck you!!

    Yes Fella and Catie, what i was telling her or so is that she cant insinuate that j.lo has a horrible voice, because if she wants horrible voice, then i can show her what horrible means!
    She might not have the best voice as others but honestly thats not ‘horrible!
    Well if horrible for you, she sold millions with it!


  61. yamaha

    J.LO had 2.5 vocal range , she can do 3 . She do a lot of live since a long time , especially in Como Ama Una Mujer album , she was pre-nominated @ grammy awards . she win american music awards , billboard awards and lo nuestro awards ;) So haters can talk , but profesional on music are better than many else .


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