Single Covers: Lil Jon – ‘Ms. Chocolate’ + T.I. – ‘I’m Back’

Ms. Chocolate

Lil Jon is “cuckoo for cocoa” (his words, not ours) on the cover for “Ms. Chocolate,” the first single from his solo debut Crunk Rock, featuring R. Kelly and Mario. The song goes to iTunes March 16, while the album arrives June 8.

I'm Back

The King returns next week with a “major announcement.” Could “I’m Back” be T.I.’s new single? Find out Monday, March 8, at 5 p.m. “The King has a surprise for ya!” reads a post on his website.

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  1. Burmy

    Could we please get an untagged version of that Miss Chocolate single cover?


  2. NOWAY

    I can’t believe T.I. is comin back!!!!!!


  3. BlackNLatin

    Can you plz get an HQ verion of “Ms. chocolate”????!!?!?!


  4. kekeluvsu

    YES. Something FINALLY about chocolate chicks. DAMN it’s about time. I like this.


  5. aquaruis

    LOL @ 1st & 3rd…check out tha rap-up radio to the right above the stories of the week..

    its track eight i believe..if that helps any..


  6. BlackNLatin

    Thank u Aquaruis!!! :D


  7. Amélie Lebughe

    the king oh tha south is back


  8. Star

    King back yeaa waitin for him


  9. Nicole

    This song is off tha chain <3. Yea i love it cause im dark skin and lovin it :). But it is about time sombody mad a song back dark skin girls.


  10. Chocolate Q-T

    Finally, a song dedicated to us, the chocolate sistas…we turn heads, too…in a good way ;)


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