Sneak Peek: Lil Wayne f/ Eminem – ‘Drop the World’

Lil Wayne and Eminem team up for “Drop the World” and the result looks to be explosive. Chaos ensues when two of rap’s biggest stars come together for their fiery collaboration from Rebirth. Check out the Chris Robinson-directed clips now and catch the full premiere on March 11.

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  1. Edmon Lazar

    cant wait till it comes out…


  2. ASID



  3. Luana

    about bands such as the killers and the used. give weezy ceirdt for attempting the crossover coz at the end ov the day thats what artists do, they create things for an audience and just because you may not like the end product doesnt man that your right.dunno y im even writing this though really coz while weezys sittin bak wiv a shit loada money ressesion free,whiney lil bitches lyk u jus gather 2geva to chat gash about stuff u could neva have the tallent to achieve,coz lets face it….iff u did then u wudda dun it buy now. S**T I only came on her to read a review. ash x


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