Monica Connects with Jazmine Sullivan

Monica and Jazmine Sullivan

Monica is steadily climbing the charts with her first single “Everything to Me,” and she credits two people with helping her get there; one being her friend and producer Missy Elliott, and the other being the song’s writer Jazmine Sullivan.

Once they met, Monica and the “Lions, Tigers, & Bears” songstress soon learned that they shared more in common than just being signed to the same label. “She’s not afraid of her own feelings,” Mo tells “And I think that I have to work with writers that are like that because I speak so much about life and about being hurt and finding love again. If I had impersonal songs, nothing would connect.”

Monica hit the studio with Missy and knocked out the record in a matter of hours. “As soon as Missy played ['Everything to Me'], she said, ‘I don’t know what you’re going to think.’ She played about seven seconds of it and I went into the booth. And I did the song in three hours.”

The track, along with the Jim Jonsin-produced “Mirror” and Ludacris-assisted “Still Standing,” will appear on Monica’s sixth studio album, due March 23.

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi

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    UGH…I JUST LOVE MONICA! 18 more days until her album Still Standing. Cant wait. 3.23.10 LETS GET IT!!!!!!


  2. Burmy

    Living proof that REAL RECOGNIZE REAL…truer in R&B than in hip-hop nowadays…

    Can’t wait for Still Standing…but even moreso for Jazzy’s sophomore album to drop later this year! (Any idea when we should expect a first single?)


  3. Tee

    love monica and jazz.True talent


  4. kekeluvsu

    Yes Mo. I LOVE this song soooooooo much. I can’t wait for the album. Thanks Jas for writing and Missy producing a beautiful song. =D


  5. vmars08

    So does that mean that there’s a Jazzy demo of “Everything To Me” out there …that needs to leak yesterday?!


  6. shemika

    Can’t Wait to see Mo and Jazz on a duet…. That would be fierce… Love u both!


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