Video: Lady Gaga Visits ‘Jonathan Ross’

Lady Gaga

“I would rather die than have my fans not see me in a pair of high heels,” Lady Gaga told Jonathan Ross on his British talk show Friday (March 5). During her visit, the telephone-hat-wearing star revealed her single status, lack of friends in the industry, and what the Queen of England told her when they met at the Royal Variety Performance.

Plus, Gaga performed “Brown Eyes” in the “living dress” and “Telephone” live for the first time on television.


“Brown Eyes”


Videos via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. Trey

    she and bey should have performed it to open up the grammys.
    wonder when they will perform it first live?


  2. Jeffery J-Boe

    Lady GaGa Is Such An Amazing Artist, and A Wonderful Person… I Can’t Wait For The New Album To Come Out In Late 2010.


  3. Just Wait

    Lady Gaga is a, in the now moment artist, no one will care about her when her music runs stale. She seriously looks like a man, man-face, in the picture, and her hair is the color of piss. JUST WAIT until Keri Hilson drops some real music, something other than that superficial pop music. Manly Gaga is packing heat, in her pants and Keri Hilson is going to drop the world while Manly Gaga indulges on what her career was. MAY 31st is the date mother freakers! Don’t waste your time on Bey-Yawn-ce, Ci-ERROR, Rih-tarded or Manly Gag-Me, Keri Hilson is going to own 2010, embrace the heat!


  4. queen beyonce

    i watched the interview & gaga came across so humble & gracious & i like her even more cant wait to see her in concert next sunday in new zealand


  5. ReDd_boY

    Love her!! cant wait for the video with my gurl Bey


  6. Luel14

    Omg, I’ve never seen any thing like this. The bitch is weird and different and I love it.


  7. GaGa Is The Messi

    That my Girl!!!! Gaga the only Queen Of Pop!!! I love Herrrrrrrr To the Death God this Chick is soooo Talent Nobody can Touch her, nobody can touch gaga!!!! She’s freakinG hottttt
    The only really talent chick of our time she’s I LOve her soooooooooo Much soooooooooo Much

    Stop callin’, stop callin’, I don’t wanna think anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance floor. Stop telephone me Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh !! I’m going to be crazyyyy all my voisins are going to be siCk!!!!! But i dont care


  8. lop

    stupid b*cth


  9. cari s.

    @justwait keri who? Oh! You mean the one hit wonder who can only score a hit when she has featured artists on her song.

    Yeah right.


  10. omg really?

    Love Gaga SHE is so different!

    @ Just Wait, What is Keri famous for again?…Doing a diss to Beyonce and Ciara and stealing their style and sound? Trying to look like rihanna so people will pay attention to her. Having one hit song with TWO big time mainstream artist that carried the song and made it successful, Wishing she could be Lady Gaga for a day….plz try again Keri isn’t going to drop the world, shake it up or do nothing I hope her next album does well but seriously their is nothing amazing or close to it about her


  11. MissThang

    i dont see all the drama errbodi has thea opinions about hu dae lyk yeahkeri hilson may not be famous in dah singing industry buht she has written hits for artiests before she came out with her own . she will stir up the music industry wen her album drops buht errbodi does daht wid dea albums wen dae first drop . it all depends hu drops at dah same time or near dah same time weither its a hit or not i rekon . Beyonce, Ciara, KeriHilson, Rihanna & Ladi GaGa Are All Good At Waht Dae Do In My Opinion


  12. bodacious

    remember yall theres more than one star in the sky, on a clear night go outside and look up !!!!!!!!!


  13. bodacious

    vatiety is the spice of life!!!!!!!


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