Keri Hilson Shines at Pre-Oscar Bash

Keri Hilson

Golden girl Keri Hilson helped kick off Oscar weekend by performing at OK! magazine’s pre-Oscar cocktail party at Eva Longoria Parker’s restaurant Beso in Hollywood on Friday night (March 5).

OK! Mag performance went very well!!!” she tweeted after the event. “Special thanks to my dime divas & divos for holdin me down in the front section :) Good times!”

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  1. amy






  3. Will

    Gorgeous. Keri Hilson is the definition of a woman.


  4. GETTINGPaid.

    @Will… What kind of a woman are you talking about?


  5. Lauren

    shut up GETTINGPaid. :|


  6. how low can you go

    she has on too much make-up it doesnt match


  7. pdross

    YES! my wife looks so damn good!


  8. Giselle

    She does look gorgeous! I just wish she got a new stylist. Sometimes her outfits are way off.


  9. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    *claps* get em Keri the hair is banging glad she put a lil length back on it the short hair was cool but it was time for a change.


  10. layla435

    ugh makeup …


  11. g3

    ewww too much makeup she just looked good at the NAACP awards now not too much how old is this woman??


  12. swaggalikenother

    she is such a dam clone i swear


  13. Amélie Lebughe

    she’s wonderful


  14. roni

    whyy makee upppp do you guys think she will look good even without make up ?


  15. Seana

    Gorgoeous :) Love her lol


  16. Tbib

    She looks so much more gorgeous with long hair!


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