Album Cover: Toni Braxton – ‘Pulse’


Nearly 17 years since the release of her debut album, Toni Braxton is still going strong. The R&B vet strikes a pose on the cover of her sixth studio album Pulse, arriving May 4 on Atlantic Records. The disc is scheduled to feature collaborations with Robin Thicke, Mo’Nique, Trey Songz, and Usher.

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  1. Baron

    Not making too many music purchases this year aside from Sade, but this will definitely be one of them! I STILL bump “Libra,” “Secrets” and “Toni Braxton.” Didn’t too much care for “The Heat” and “More than A Woman”


  2. Ghetto Fab

    She looks absolutely stunning! I would never know this woman’s age. Between her and Sade, they are shutting these young chicks down! Toni is looking real elegant. Great cover


  3. heezyoh

    looks great! def picking the album up may 4!


  4. dr



  5. Harvey

    It’s nice. I like it!


  6. Give it up

    This album is gonna flop tremendously.


  7. Joey

    love the cover, and cant wait to hear what shes done with robin thicke. sadly her cd wil flop hard.


  8. test123

    seriously: who cares about a cover?? where’s the GREAT music? what she put out so far is only good. But that’s not enough obviously. only few psychos buy an album based on the cover, people mainly buy into an artist if the music is great


  9. fritzma

    Toni Braxton is looking fab on that cover..and you haters need to shut it up..Toni Braxton is wait and see..and stay tuned for the two videos coming Make My Heart& Hands tied baby..


  10. NARD



  11. Jeffery J-Boe

    Toni Braxton/T.B. Is Looking Hott, and The Album Cover Is Very Elegant… She Still Gots What It Takes To Make The Biggest Come Back Ever… And I Cannot Wait Till The Album Comes Out… Toni Braxton For 2010.


  12. GeeMan

    I think Toni looks great, hopefully her career can get back on track because another flop will not be a good look for her career. So Atlantic records get on your job.


  13. Stoyann

    Toni looks beautiful and whether her cd sells 1 or 10 million copies it doesn’t matter because the music is great. If Susan Boyle and Sade can do great numbers then so can she.Today people are too cruel, no one is a flop, if you tried and people bought your cd’s you’re not a flop.Her voice is amazing and just because people don’t appreciate good music it doesn’t make you a failure.I applaud her efforts with all that she has gone through and she is still here making amazing music,she isn’t going down without a fight and many people can learn from her determination. Stop hating,get a new hobby and stop wishing bad for others.You nor I do not know how well her cd will do, but she has already made her mark,she has nothing left to prove.


  14. Jay

    Some major haters commenting like ya’ll don’t have lives! Shake the haters off Toni cuz we got your back!


  15. dan

    of course toni could do grerat numbers, she did that before

    but how are you able do do great numbers when your cd is all over the internet half a year before its release?

    and thats no hating, cause her music is good, thats a fact

    and stop with the “she dont have to prove anything” shit, if she wouldnt, she wouldnt do another cd…and yes, she has to prove her bank account something…

    wish her the best but think after that cd she wont have a contract anymore, and no, thats no hating, cause i wish she would make a lot more cds

    i’ll buy it, but just because i buy cds…there aren’t many that are doing it now

    and sades cd was not leaked before its release, except 3 songs….


  16. Stoyann

    She is still making music because it’s the profession she chose and she loves what she does. She definitely do not have to prove that she can sell records and if people drop money for susan boyle why not toni braxton.Contrary to popular believe there are still people who buy cds and Toni’s fan base is not the teen population who do most of the downloading for free.I hope on May 4th she proves all the naysayers wrong.Keri Hilson also had a lot of songs leaked and her album did pretty well and we do not know how many of the leaked songs are going to be on the album.


  17. LadySheamus

    Beautiful! and Stoyann, you are on point! Thank you!


  18. Cam

    Oh Ms. Toni! I have heard a lot of the album on YouTube and it is wonderful. This woman is so talented! We are truly blessed to witness her gift. I have purchased 6 copies! I will listen to each one as if it were the first time.

    Love you Toni!


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