Kelis Gets Her Avatar On


She doesn’t speak the language of the Na’vi from James Cameron’s blockbuster, but Kelis shows off a blue Avatar-inspired look in this promo photo shot by famed photographer Rankin, who also co-directed her video for “Acapella.” The David Guetta-produced single from her spring release Flesh Tone holds down the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Songs chart.

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  1. Pringle

    woah! woah! wow! this here is wicked! kelis looks incredible!


  2. Jordyn

    Yes omg yes Kelis this is so ICONIC & hot!!!! I love it & its so different! Thank you Kelis for always be 10 steps ahead of your competition!


  3. Liss

    Kelis needs a makeover..


  4. DJ Game

    kelis needs to quit.


  5. LOL

    Kelis is a 30 year old wash up has been! Her ship has sailed and has sanked since 2006…matter of fact since 2003! The Milkshake is sour and the FleshTone is rotten! Kelis that FLOP is waiting for you, so enjoy your #1 spot on Billboards Dance/Club Playlist…LMAO! The Dance/Club Playlist is a JOKE…just like KELIS!


  6. Tye

    Kelis is whack…how are you gone to have a #1 Hot Dance Club song and you can’t even dance? kelis career is a overrated!


  7. Jeffery J-Boe

    Kelis Is Making These HATERS Madd… Kelis Still Looks Good Even With This Avatar Make-Up On… And I’m Sure That The “Acapella” Video Is Great, Can’t Wait Till “FleshTones” Album Comes Out… Kelis For 2010.


  8. Bret

    Nice shot but next time leave your boobs to show k awsome:)


  9. Bret

    Hey sexy thing


  10. trillafood

    I bet the comments are all by pathetic Rihanna stans.
    Don’t be mad because is back and is about to snatch Rihanna’s little toupee.


  11. badyy

    ummm no hunny.
    kelis and riri are toootally diff.
    -kelis is dope but she aint gott ishh on Rihanna


  12. LadySheamus

    Everything blue is not Avatar related.


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