Kelly Rowland: ‘I Found My Niche’

Kelly Rowland is starting over with a new album and label. She talks to the AP about what fans can expect from her third solo effort. “I feel like I found my niche,” says the “When Love Takes Over” singer. “[The David Guetta production] inspired the record and I can’t wait till everybody hears [it].”

Among those she’s working with are Guetta, Nelly, producer Jim Jonsin, and songwriter Claude Kelly. “I wanted this record to be empowering and to feel good to everybody. I’m so happy. I think that I’ve definitely done that,” gushes the beaming star.

The Destiny’s Child alum shows off her sexy side on the disc, due this year on Universal Motown. “I’ve always been a bit shy at times with my sensuality and I’ve come more into that this record—just fun, a freaky side. We all have one.”

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  1. Jeffery J-Boe

    Finally Kelly Rowland Is Coming Out Of Beyonce’s Shadow… First LeToya Luckett, Now Kelly… I Cannot Wait To Get Her 3rd Album, It’s Gonna Be A Classic Masterpiece… With A New Album, New Label, New Producers With Some Old Ones, New Sound With A Twist Of R&B, and A New Look… Kelly Rowland Is Doing It Bigg This Year… Kelly Rowland For 2010.


  2. Jamie


    Couldn’t have said it better myself!!! I can’t wait for this record. She’s gonna slay!!


  3. VaunTV

    i LOVE Kelly cant wait for the album


  4. David Thespokenword Washington

    YESS PUNCH KELL!! HATERS FALLBACK!! she doin her thang!


  5. will

    i heard her first single is gonna be better than her whole album. I just hope she has more than one hit on the album.


  6. The Truth

    I have heard alot about this girl and her upcoming album. She’s been seen performing everywhere. From what I hear she has cooked up quite an album. I’m hearing the first single is going to be a big hit. So far i’ve heard her working with Ne-Yo, Danja, Bangladesh and more. She’s making moves. She’s not playing this time around. I like that.


  7. TJ

    Some of you guys are just really….delusional. Kelly is not “doin it big” or whatever. Letoya hasn’t done anything big either. For you to be considered a hit artist, you have to be MAINSTREAM. And alot of people here just don’t get that. Beyonce is MAINSTREAM and dominates all formats, while Letoya only got a hit on the Urban charts. And that’s where she and Kelly will remain.


  8. part

    i love kelly but I PROMISE u she will not sell i know it ..its was a poll online and 63% said they not feeling her because oof her week voice. but i’ll buy her cd to help her…n why do ppl say beyonce shadow.. she didnt have to she had 2 CHANCES to put a cd will buy people didnt how dare ppl blame beyonce….its not her fault people like her music…..blame the radio stations for not playing her songs enough or people not downloading her material….her album will do good only in the UK not so well in US sorry kelly…but i like ya…. ;)….( PS….DON’T slay me for my comment)


  9. The Truth


    Urban Charts?!?!? lol. That just goes to show you how out of touch you are when discussing Kelly Rowland. This chick’s latest single has shot to number one in OVER 5 COUNTRIES including the UK, Italy, and Romania and she wasn’t even signed to a record label when doing it. I’d like to know exactly what you call mainstream??? Because America does not equal mainstream. BTW she was number one on the Dance Charts. But they are not the whole world, so expand your horizans and in the future speak only when you are educated on these things because you sound very fooloish right now.


  10. jay



  11. The Truth


    lol I won’t slay you for your comment. But what you guys have to understand is that Americans are very fickle. They go with whats hot at the moment. All Kelly Rowland needs is to be on every show, every commercial, have your song played heavily on the radios and she’s gold. If her sound even resembles that electronic dance shit that they’re playing on the radio today then she’s got it. Pop stars are made everyday like this folks. It’s a formula. Just stick to it and you’re in. If that Kesha girl can become a star lol and so can Kelly Rowland.


  12. loso

    No need to explain to these haters Kelly’s music will speak for itself. I am waiting on this album!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. GaGa Is The Messi

    great great great i know kelly is going to slay everybody in this industry. her latest was N°1 in more than 10 country not just 5 like i’ve read before. She’s deserves the respect and she’s going to take over. I really can’t wait! i can’t!


  14. Andre Le Dale

    This proof that the labels and artist leak their own music. I have not heard one song from this girls new album. I respect Kelly becuase she’s sames like she in full control on every aspect of her future projects. As long as Kelly can deliver live vocally shes going to be just fine. Side note: I know she thanks god everyday for her and David Guetta crossing paths.


  15. Jamie

    Kelly’s got this year on lock. Haters stay mad!!!!!!!!!



    Kelly is about to snatch some tracks and laces this year. I can fill it. how could she not?
    yall can pretend all day long. but yall know it too. yall are looking forward to her music .quit fronting. she’s on her way and you’ll be there to open the door for her. Get ready because she’s on her way!


  17. drtash

    Very excited….I hope she brings it on this new record and she gets promoted well this time.


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  19. Muni

    Kelly will be the greatness soon, it just a matter of time. I can’t wait. haters back off, because we (fans) are “unity” this time for you (haters) so better back off. WE LOVE YOU KELLY. WHEN KELLY TAKES OVER YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T DENY. 2010 Let’s get it , yes we will


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  21. lebo(Caribbeanboi)

    MS KELLY gonna do big things …

    I like that nothing has leaked, first artist i see have an album coming and nothing has been leaked yet, that shows there’s a change. I can’t wait & I’ll be buying that album.


  22. meechy05

    I love the love y’all giving keep it up cuz. It’s much deserving MS.KELLY I CAN’T WAIT FOR U TO GET YOUR THRONE AS QUEEN!!!!!


  23. fi

    finally all the hangig around in londons gay clubs has paid
    the new donna summer?
    there is life after knoweles
    work it gurl!


  24. jarrett

    @ fi, you are so right, i was dissappointed with that ms. kelly album, it was like she didnt know what style she wanted, im glad shes done with the knowles klan, yea for kelly!


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