Ludacris and Bill O’Reilly End Feud

Bill O'Reilly and Ludacris

One of the longest-running showbiz beefs is over. Ludacris and Bill O’Reilly have settled their differences at last.

After years of feuding, the “How Low” rapper tells that he extended an oliver branch to the conservative TV host.

It all happened when Luda recently attended the same event as O’Reilly and confronted him at his table. “The first thing I said to him was, ‘I want to meet the guy who has had so much to say about me, but knows absolutely nothing about me,’” he said. “He wasn’t expecting to see me, at all. The look on his face when he saw me approaching… priceless.”

O’Reilly was instrumental in getting Luda dropped from an endorsement deal with Pepsi when he demanded a boycott against the company for hiring someone who “disrespects women, encourages drug use, and encouraged violence.” The host of Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” continued to denounce the hip-hop star for years, describing him as “vile” and a “thug.”

Details of Ludacris’ conversation with O’Reilly remain private. “The conversation we had was confidential, however, let’s just say it was a good conversation and good came out of it.”

The one-time foes even teamed up for a charity event. “From there, we came to a common ground. To be honest with you, we came together and did an event for charity—as crazy as it sounds. Perhaps everything happens for a reason.”

And this time, Ludacris got the last word. “It took about seven years for that to happen, but it finally happened. And the joy that came over me, well, it was outstanding.”

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  1. Urban Noize

    wow that’s dope. im glad luda stepped up to the plate and settled the situation like a real person. despite the fact that o’reilly started it, luda to the grown-up approach and ended it. Good job. some of these entertainers and rappers need to take some notes from this.


  2. Burmy

    Expect a lot more stuff like this to happen…hip-hop will get a lot more conservative POVs in the time to come (it’s no coincidence that all these gun charges and tax problems are surfacing just now)-and I know why.

    Y’all done made One Big Ass Mistake America!


  3. ARIES79

    Thats wassup Luda … A real Man make shyt happen


  4. LAKEE

    I hate to bring up race here, but it still frustrates me how African-American culture is so misunderstood by outsiders, but is so heavily exploited. (won’t go any deeper or i’ll end up writing a thesis lol!)


  5. Kyle

    I respect Ludacris so much, he just seems like a really respectful and considerate dude.


  6. Toya

    This just shows how big of a man Luda is because you know O’Riley would never approach Luda for anything.

    Personally I think it’s funny that guys like O’Riley will trash rappers but will play rock music from time to time. I guess they only have respect for the old school rebels.



    nice one luda


  8. MACH

    Good job Luda..

    I’ve always liked his music every since he came out. But around the time he released the “Runaway Love” single with Mary J and he started his acting career is when I realized how intelligent and professional he is. The way he does things for charity and interacts with his daughter is amazing. He’s just a real man.


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