New Music: Usher f/ T.I. – ‘Guilty’

Usher and T.I.

Usher pleads his case on “Guilty,” another collaboration with T.I. This one will appear on his oft-delayed Raymond v. Raymond album. Tip drops a Tiger Woods reference (“She ain’t caught me on no Tiger Woods shit”) as Usher rides the bubbling beat.

Download: Usher f/ T.I. – “Guilty”

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  1. MB

    I’m a HUGE Usher fan, but his songs suck her lately! Except his singles…





  3. paulo

    Hummm! i don’t know! it kinda sucks, nothing special like his last singles.
    But it’s not his fault, it’s because L.A. REID is not helping real artists like mariah, rihanna, usher, that the albuns are flopping!!!
    We don’t need you anymore L.A. REID.
    Usher album will flop hard like memoirs by mariah, and it’s a shame ’cause mariah’s album was HUGE.


  4. Someone Smart

    this song is amazing. its not a club banger. you people have piss poor taste.


  5. dj

    I agree with someone smart…this song is good….love the hook! and t.i. kills it as usual


  6. C.

    i like it. it’s a little different but it works for me. i’m coppin the album anyway


  7. davyd69

    i don’t think that usher new march 30 album will flop i buy it and listen it many times you must do the same work like me and marrian carey memoirs oh an imperfect angel its not a flop its less good than emc2 but it is good better than the element of freedom to me buy raymond vs raymond……….one last thing rihanna rated r is not a flop good girl gone bad ist better but rated r is good too chris brown graffiti THAT A BIG FLOP WHO BUY IT LIKE ME??!! just the tracks 2,3,4,5,11 maybe 1,and 10 but all over its a big deception


  8. Rap*

    This is hoTTTTTTTTT.

    This could be a single, has a summery vibe and remindes me of reggae and brazil LOL.


  9. Dillon_68



  10. Real

    Its Not A Single, Its Just Track


  11. queen beyonce

    i really like this


  12. Alessandro

    This track is fire. It has a cool beat and a catchy refrain.

    Go Usher!!! from Norway


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