Rap-Up TV: Keri Hilson Turns On B.o.B

Out of all the beautiful girls he raps about on his breakout hit “Nothin’ on You,” B.o.B aka Bobby Ray has his eye on one in particular. Find out why Keri Hilson turns on the Atlanta musician. We hope you’re listening, Miss Keri.

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  1. What?

    Working on a song is all they’d get to do, cause Keri is taken!


  2. What?

    Oh and, who the hell is he? Never heard of him or his music..

    I would add LeToya to that list, she doesn’t even need lots of makeup because she’s naturally pretty. She also has a GREAT personality, which a lot of these R&B females do not.


  3. jay

    keri hilson is stuck up nd a fake ciara


  4. Keep Hating

    @What? If u never heard of B.O.B. just kill yourself. He has the top 10 biggest song in the country (Nothin on You) he is signed to TI’s Grand Hustle/Atlantic. Like i said Keri Hilson is that IT girl. Nobody wants to work with c-error anymore, she hasnt been relevant on features or anything. When people say Keri Hilson is a flop i just laugh because i know her career is gonna take off and she could give 2 sh*ts what yall say in the first place.


  5. LOL

    @Jay Aint nobody feelin Ciara. Its Keri time now. Ciara wishes she could look half as good as ms keri.


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  7. Star

    A collabo with B.O.B. would be a smash
    same goes for T.I.


  8. g3

    she aint thinkin bout him wit her stuck up attitude and @lol plz Keri’s old ass wish she looked better than Ciara all that make-up she has caked on haha that was the joke of the day…


  9. readuhoes

    Ciara who? Ciara is an irrelevant non singing flop who nobody cares about. This is about keri, not a damn c-error. Take yall hatin asses to a ciara post. oops, there is no new post on that bitch. Yall keep hating. Keri is talented. Unlike c-error wannabe aaliyah ass.


  10. Lil CiCi

    at you pathectic scari hilson stans. y’all dare bring up THE QUEEN CIARA’S name. CIARA will always be FOREVER greater than than hoorat washed up stanky critter cralwin infestin dyke ass mutt. when has keri hilson’s career took off. yeah it took off until her fifteen minutes are up. CIARA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> scari.


  11. LOL

    Lol she said Queen C-error hahahahaaha please go kill yourself. Her time is up, since when have i seen a ciara post, when that crap song up in the bank hit the net people forgot about it the next day, on to the next one. And if u think ciara looks better than Keri Hilson you must be ugly lmao.


  12. C-error who???

    I didnt hear the name ciara come out of B.O.B’s mouth. Matter of fact i havent heard her name come out of anyones mouth cause dudes aint feelin her. Ciara career may have taken off of her first album but her third album still flopped terribly. It didnt even go Gold. Keri Hilson isnt the one clinging on to her career by a thread like c-error is.


  13. Its True

    Its funny cause Keri Hilson has been on more songs and collaborations in the past 2 years than Ciara has had in her whole career. Nobody wants to work with c-error cause shes not relevant in this music game. Her last album flopped cause aint nobody feelin her music anymore. We got Keri Hilson now and yall c-error stans are MAD, MAD MAD. That is all.


  14. Deontae

    It funny that all you Keri Hilson stans truly believe that her career is better than Ciara’s. Ciara may not have sold well with Fantasy Ride, but she has had hit singles from the album and a grammy just as Keri. I like Keri and I will be the first to admit it. But when it comes down to it, Keri Hilson as not had a platinum album and when she reaches 10 millions albums sold, then we can have a heated discussion!


  15. David Thespokenword Washington

    Y’all lame. It’s funny how this became about Ciara. Ciara has one of the most anticipated albums this year. She’s always top stories on blog. She performed @ fashion week & new york & she shitted on all the blogs. She has countless multi-million dollar endorsement deals. “Love Sex Magic” has became one of her biggest songs of her career. & she’s sold over 8 million albums, who’s mad? Y’all are get over it. The thing is about B.O.B. liking Keri Hilson. Stick to that. Y’all clearly care about Ciara to be typing paragraphs about her, when her name was not mentioned once, in this blog post.


  16. Giselle

    Somebody should tweet this link to Keri. I bet she would read it and even shout him out.


  17. parisian girl

    this guy is cute!!i will take a time to listen to his music^ ^


  18. Melissa

    Omg yall need 2grow up stop hating and support support support them G*damit!


  19. ...

    “Ciara has one of the most anticipated albums this year.”

    By who? Her mama and her manager?


  20. Stop dis

    keri is fresher than cira right know
    But cira is still making a comback


  21. Lauren


    who cares about Ciara in this post


  22. shingie

    why compare some1 more established like Ciara coz she had 1 mishap to some1 who has just started duh thats ridiculous. u all know Ciara is better. if she wasnt noone would have mentioned her. by the way how many songs in which Keri featured are HITS???? No offence shes good at what she does but she aint on Ci level yet!!!


  23. nonamer

    why and how does Ciara always end up being the center of all Keri posts. poor thing.


  24. Jazzie

    First of all, everyone needs to stop hating. Both ladies are very pretty. Second of all neither one of them can really sing. Yes…Keri can write songs like crazy, but yet she can’t sing live. And on the other hand, Ciara can’t sing all that well either but she can dance better than half the dancers I’ve seen on t.v. Not to mention that she is making a name for herself as a model. I personally don’t like Keri, but there’s no use hating on her because she’s out there hustling and doing what she knows best. I just think everybody needs to stop hating on one another and step their game up!!


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