Jesse McCartney Gets His Swag Back

Jesse McCartney

If the ladies weren’t already head over heels for Jesse McCartney, now he’s giving them another reason to swoon. The pop star plans to seduce his female admirers once again with his next album.

The “Leavin’” singer has been in the studio recording his fourth LP with producer-songwriter Sean Garrett, who he previously worked with on 2008′s Departure, including the single “How Do You Sleep?” “I’m doing three joints for Jesse on his new album and we got some really, really good shit already,” Garrett tells “I’m really excited about that.”

The 22-year-old heartthrob has developed a more R&B sound since his solo debut six years ago. “He’s growing up on this record. I think what’s great about Jesse McCartney is that he definitely has a great voice,” says Garrett. “He could really do whatever he wants to do if he’s just produced well because he has an exceptional voice and he’s poised to really come into his own with this album. If that remains to be the focus, then he’s definitely gonna win.”

Although he doesn’t have any problems when it comes to the opposite sex, the hitmaker helped the ladies man elevate his game. “I gave him some swag, not corny swag shit. I wanted to give him real songs, but also give him some shit that has some real swag to it. Girls will be like, ‘Damn, I need to call up Jesse. He’s somebody I need in my life.’ And not just from a corny pop perspective, the Mr. Cool song, but more so like, ‘Damn, I need to see dude.’”

Fans will be seeing a lot more of Jesse McCartney when the project drops later this year.

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  1. Christine

    I can’t wait for his new album! :-)


  2. lanloosh

    i love jesse sooooooooooooo much and can’t wait for his new album <33333333333333


  3. Ashleigh

    I’m so stoked for the new album! This is Jesse’s year!


  4. mirna mccartney

    me too i can’t wait for his new album :D:D


  5. queen beyonce

    looking forward to jesse’s album


  6. kathy thomsen

    i think he is hot and sexy too because he is great at sing is sogn


  7. hhh456

    the next album name is Just JM


  8. tehreem_luvs_jmac



  9. Autumn Garrard

    I love u Jesse call me


  10. Autumn Garrard

    I have a car and it is a 69 Mustang foldback


  11. Autumn Garrard

    I want to see you in concert sooooooooooooooooooooo bad Jesse.You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and sexy too.


  12. Maria

    i canttt waittt im sikeddd for the newww albumm Jessesss Awesomeee he deservess all theee credittt!!


  13. Bridget

    Yeahhh I;m soooo excitedddddd!!!!!!!! i canttt waittttt to hearrr whatsss neww frommm jesseeee!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD


  14. Jessica Roller

    I’mmm SOOO Exciteddd!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can;ttt waittt any longerrr lolllll!!!!!! i wanna listen to it soo baddd when i have a bad dayy jesseee chears me up with hisss incredableeee voiceee<333333


  15. Jamie Rauch

    ccann;tt waiitt!!


  16. Mike Santeno

    Yeahhh jessesss Coolll my lil sister is crazy about da dude hesss cooll i thinkkk baby is my favoritee song off departureeee! likee itt!!!


  17. Mark

    Yeahhh i thinkkk thee dudess coollll my girlfrienddd lovesss himm like god knowssss alottt and i when i got her departureee from jessee she startedd screamingg i think if i buy this new album i got herrrr gooddd!! haha!


  18. Autumn Garrard

    Hi Mark whats up dude


  19. Autumn Garrard

    I wish that Jesse was my boyfriend


  20. debbyellen1

    IMO he already has all the swag he needs. What’s up with this “…gets his swag BACK” CR_P? Huh? I was already crazy enough about the man. How can U possibly pump that up any more? My brain is going to explode. ILYJesseXOXO


  21. mary

    i love you so so much!!!! jesse… soy de argentina… espero que algun dia vengas y nos cantes algunas cansiones… AMO TU MUSICA!!!!!!!!! P/D: ERES EL MEJOR JESSE… ESPERO QUE VENGA TU PROXIMO DISCO


  22. Shad Morales

    Oh yeah man! Your swag is back. B-) I can’t wait on how your new album will go man! =D


  23. Summer

    Ahhhhhh! I can’t wait!!! He already keeps me on my toes! He keeps me wanting more and all girls think he;s fine as hell. Like I said, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU JESSE!!!!


  24. Kristin

    I can’t wait!!!


  25. thon rosell m

    I’M so exited the upcoming new album!!!!!!


  26. jessica

    i love you 4 ever
    me gustas y me gustaria ablar con
    tigo jeje
    eske eres tan wapo
    un kiss
    te kiero


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