Lady Gaga Wants to Change Your Perception of Beyoncé

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

Viewers may have been surprised to see a new side of Beyoncé when she assumed the role of good-girl-gone-bad Honey B in the video for Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” But that was all part of Gaga’s plan, she tells “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

“We definitely get along. She’s a good friend of mine and I was so excited to make this video with her. The video in a lot of ways is more about her even than it is about me. It was sort of a pop-art venture for me to bring her into my world. In a way, the video is an attempt for her and I to erase pop music as we know it up until this very point. It’s meant to change the perspective of the world on what a pop music video should be and she’s kind of the vehicle for that. In reality, more people around the world are familiar with her aesthetics than they are with mine. It was something for me to kind of change the way that you see her for one video.”

Gaga tweeted the fan-made illustration above, writing, “I think the Pop Universe just imploded. Completely brilliant. Whoever made this: BRAVO.”

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  1. javonscott

    i like this picture!


  2. g3



  3. Phoenix_Wright

    Kudos to the artist!


  4. 1 hour naps turn into 2 hour naps

    now watch, some people r gonna try 2 call this a gay thing when itz really about the transformation of pop… gaga may come off weird but i dig her logic *SB* the video was hilarious, i couldnt stop laughin lol


  5. MaZ

    Lol this illustration is a bit too much!


  6. Yeah Right

    Pop Art? Isn’t Ri’s word for her Rude Boy video. LOL. That picture actually makes Beyawnce look better than she does in that crappy a$$ video.


  7. that is lesbian

    That illustration does showcase lesbianism…but it also symbolizes the new pop era – which is free to do whatever just like one is free to love whoever! It’s a new world, humans are evolving beyond the caveman thinking of back in the day – were everything had to fit in a certain box and follow a leader’s rule of order – . Music is music, and love is love!


  8. perfect

    @that is lesbian:

    Completely agree! Very soon there will be no rule as to who you can love and soon there will be no genres in music. There will just be music as you said, and there will just be love. No judgments!


  9. Its A NO NO

    People.its just a video…nothing more, nothing less. Gaga and Beyonce trying to make this video out to be epic, when its really not and people like “that is lesbian” are falling right into it. Only thing beyonce trying to do is look out for herself and trying to rack up more grammys herself, she could care less about how this video ” is evolving….[lol]” she’s ready to cash to the bank.Gaga on the other hand, maybe shes trying to get the message across and could be “sincere” about this message.Give credit for trying though.

    As for this song, not gonna be a #1 hit.

    Im bringing some of you guys back to reality.


  10. cool person

    this is nasty yeah you people are turning lesbian wow man what has this world come to i hope God can cleanse this world beore its too late


  11. kantbreak5

    gaga is the shit


  12. eurochick

    you guys are so narrow minded i bet alot of you guys are americans. always negative, by the way this is a fanart of beyonce and gaga and gaga tweeted about it. its just art by a fan. thank god i live in europe, holland where people are more openminded. americans always see devilworshipping artist, lesbians etc..they always do like they are such a great rolemodels and are innoncent people but the facts speak louder then words.


  13. BowChickaWahWah

    Lol I read the title of the article and then saw the illustration and thought Gaga was trying to convince us Beyonce is a lesbian/bisexual. o_O


  14. anonymous

    Well this picture is very lesbian LOOK @ HONEY B’s HAND!! How can you say otherwise. Gaga is highly talented and Beyonce knows that. That’s why she wanted to work with her. But it appears Gaga had a bit more of a vendetta with this video than changing the music video. I think she was trying to make a political statement for Gay people. Which is her prerogative, but I also feel she was trying to use Beyonce as a catalyst for that purpose. Beyonce isn’t a lesbian and hasn’t made any comments in regards to any of the videos content – but I have to say I don’t care for the light is which it paints her. Bad move on her part!


  15. The Truth

    lol at the comments. As someone said its FAN ART PEOPLE! And any of you that are grossed out by homosexuality should rethink why you are Beyonce and Lady Gaga fans to begin with. Who do yall think is coming up with the fashion and those dance routines?? These two’s biggest fanbases are the gays. And as for the picture, its just fan art.


  16. Fransleeca Nash

    I LOVE IT…..


  17. Meow

    Umm is beyonce hand on gaga’s kitty kat? lol


  18. CRAZY

    OMG YA”LL ITS FAN ART!!!!!!!GAGA DID NOT PUT THIS OUT…YOU should have to worry about noting if you was raised right…it should not matter.


  19. IcyNDicy

    Beyonce’ is so fucking hot!!!


  20. Bibi

    Beyonce lesbian? Haters sit down.

    The video was EPIC!

    I love Gaga and I agree withe everything she said!


  21. Burmy

    I would NOT want to be Jay-Z right about now…


  22. LadySheamus

    It’s just a video. *smh* And I want my 9 minutes back.


  23. baby

    cute but needlessly long


  24. fatu sankoh

    i love the video and song beyonce and gaga did a good job they are the best and hatters live them alone we their fans love them


  25. ms. fuego ..the exotic chica

    The video was indeed epic and I think it definitely helped seal Gaga’s place in the music industry. I do find it pathetic that the close minded fake christians and illuminati weirdos are so stuck on hating the video because it’s too “lesbian” a straight female I hardly paid any attention to that aspect of the video so maybe ppl bothered by it should question their own sexuality *shrug*.



    da pic cute


  27. Eitriarch

    @Its A NO NO : It already is a #1 hit. Nice try though.

    Why is everyone freaking out about this picture? ITS FAN ART. Lady GaGa didn’t make this nor is it official.

    I actually know the person that made this and I’m sure she’d be unhappy to know her art is getting posted around the internet without her permission.


  28. Marc

    ohh hell nahh, beyonce is not a lesbian. they tryna make it seem like her & gaga get sexual toward each other & it’s not even like that. just two female artist coming together TO MAKE MUSIC.!! smhh.


  29. Mrs.KJackson

    I love the song and video,and the picture so what! you haters keep on talking eventaully you will like the way they walking!!


  30. free love

    Why is someone a hater if they think Beyonce is bisexual…there is nothing wrong with that people!!! To me the haters are those that think that is the worse thing to be in the world! Love is love and I believe in free love…let Beyonce be free if she so wishes….


  31. Buttercup

    I am a christian and I personally wouldn’t be a lesband but I do find woman beautiful and this fan art is just that and very sexy. Gaga and B’s video is amazing and Gaga is an genius. Haters can hate but your music is playing on every radio station and every tv show so suck it Gaga’s fellow MONSTER buttercup love you girl smooches.


  32. beyonce

    i don’t like it.


  33. beyonce houghton

    lady gaga needs stop trying to still beyonce away from jay z and i hope beyonce do not fall for


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