Soulja Boy Cranks It Up in Las Vegas

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Tell’em hopped up out the bed and onto the stage at Eva Longoria Parker’s nightclub Eve in Las Vegas on Friday night (March 12). He hosted and performed a three-song set including “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” “Turn My Swag On,” and his chart-topping hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy).”

Jay-Z and Eminem are on the 19-year-old rapper’s wish list for his upcoming third album, now titled Dre. “I want Jay-Z and Eminem on the album, but I don’t think I’m in that circle yet because I can’t just call Jay-Z like that,” he told last year. “Maybe after I put Wayne on this album and we make something historical, me and Kanye work together and make something historical, and me and Drake spit something hot as hell together, I think that’s what’s going to determine the future.”

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  1. Amanda_SODMG

    now ya gotta do ya thang in Chicago sumtime soooon =]


  2. LBeeZySODMG

    My nigga always do his thing. Pretty boys in the building. #SODMG fa life.
    twitter – @LBeeZySODMG


  3. daqueenb69

    Hey baby 2day is my birthday so hit me up on im hot and sexy and breath taking so 2nite imma be in hollywood cali 2nite cuz imma be all the way turn up baby one love


  4. Cameo

    He has NO talent. Shameful recording “artist”

    He does not music. Just mindless banter.


  5. Cameo

    Sorry-He does not *perform* music….


  6. Alex

    Why does he think he can make something historical with wayne or kanye and spit fire with drake when he cant even rap alone. whats wrong with him?


  7. UserQQQQ

    I’m going to keep it civil and just say. No. I’m not a fan.


  8. Melody

    im not hating on soulja boy he is making big moves but i dont think he could make a song with jay it’s a possibilty he can but eminem come on now is he joking em hardly does collabrations plus when em collab with artists it’s a hit but i dont know if this gonna happen


  9. LilJaySODMG

    Yep, like Amanda said.. You gotta do your thing in Chicago. Can’t wait!


  10. Ashley

    This kid still thinks he can rap? Jay would lose a lot of fans for putting out a track with this chump.


  11. PreLola

    Please. Eminem or Jay could spit a 16 bar freestyle and that ALONE would hold more lyrical depth, intelligence, and meaning than anything Soulja has EVER written.


  12. p2e@sy

    im no hater therefore he’s young and even for those who say he does not have talent, he is a multi-millionaire therefore he must be doing sumthing right… do ya thing and i hope Eminem and Jay-Z would work with you one wit or witout them you’ll be fine tho…


  13. gaddiel

    soulja netx rap


  14. jabier

    hiphop o rap
    en comput


  15. Child Please

    Can y’all imagine jay z and Eminem doing crank that dance in a music video lol


  16. david

    SOULJA BOY IS A REALL N***a that’s why he does rich
    N***a shit things. So f**k all the haters. Fews year ago he was struggling in the hood , but now
    he turn swagg like sh*t. STOP hating on a N***a.


  17. KishaSODMG

    mannn i wish i was there… Soulja Boy is fire!!
    i love SODMG


  18. Fill

    Slushai 4el, ea nihrena na angliskom nipanimaiu no ea ponel odno.Ea kak ponil tibe 19 let,dlea svaih 19 ti dabilsea mnogava i muzika u tebea niplahaea. Edi v takomje tempii fseo u tebea budet v marmilade UVAJUHA Y RESPEKT!


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