Elmo Has Eyes for Aubrey O’Day

Elmo and Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day’s milkshake brought Elmo and the paparazzi to Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Saturday (March 13) for the launch of her signature drink to benefit the American Red Cross for the earthquake victims of Haiti and Chile. She concocted her sweet treat and posed for photos with The Blind Side actor Quinton Aaron and her two dogs.

The former Danity Kane member is whipping up her solo debut album. Her friend and collaborator, Shanell, shared some insight into the project. “She loves the ’80s and she’s kind of a I-love-everybody type of fun girl, so it’ll probably be along those lines. Just fun music, dance music,” the Young Money singer told Rap-Up TV.

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  1. bijan

    I can’t recognize her anymore


  2. A Dude

    ^ Yes, now she looks like a 50 Y.O womans who tries to look young.

    This girl had a natural beauty (and talent) and look what Hollywood did to her. A MESS !

    Btw, y’all notice how Elmo is a perv? He grabs her boobies like hell


  3. Pinoy



  4. UserQQQQ

    yo first time in life i’ve ever wanted to be Elmo. haven’t been this jealous since that 1993 cover of Rolling Stone with Janet Jackson on the front


  5. MissBlackSoul

    aubrey, you can’t do something whithout take off your clothes!!!
    i’m tired of see your boobs everywhere!!


  6. Lisa

    I can’t believe she’s even trying to freak on Elmo. What a skank ho! Yuck…..


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