Nicki Minaj and Army of Barbies Invade Desert for ‘Massive Attack’ Video

Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose

Nicki Minaj rounded up her troop of Harajuku Barbies, clad in hot pink wigs and helmets, and stormed the desert of Lancaster, Calif., to shoot the Hype Williams-directed video for “Massive Attack,” the first single from her debut album.

The hip-hop heroine stars in the action-packed clip, which includes a helicopter chase and a militaristic jungle scene. Amber Rose and Sean Garrett make cameos, and even Drake stopped by to pay his Young Money cohort a visit.

“It’s gonna be a fucking bomb,” Garrett told of the track, which he produced and is featured on. “It’s very, very explosive! The record puts her in the game in a way that says she should’ve been here a long time ago.”

Source: @Marianna_Hewitt, @BStyleINC, and @akaLisaLisa

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  1. listen

    pls don’t disappoint!


  2. iSAyEffYhu

    wow i wanna see dhat video hope its on youtube.CUSZ HONEY WHEN YHU GETTING MONEY YHU DONT HAVE A KARE.


  3. TeamMinajOhio

    Can’t wait for this to come out! Goooooo Nickiiii!!! #IWB


  4. Carl



  5. Lil CiCi



  6. queen beyonce

    is the song out??


  7. g3

    it looks good get em Nicki


  8. BowChickaWahWah

    Lmfao! Damn. Massive attack of army killer Barbies! Damn. I cant wait to see this! Love you Nicki!


  9. miixtapechiick / BarbieDynasty

    poppinqton !


  10. No



  11. muncho yuno

    Lil’ Kim, is that you?


  12. TeamMinajJoliet

    Thee Hb Gettin It In Dont Stop What You Doin Hb Me And All The Rest Of The Barbz Are Behind You I love You Hb IBB Tell It Blow


  13. No

    Copy Rihanna with the helmets from ‘Hard’ video. SWAGGAJACKER!


  14. Eduardo A. Junior

    Can’t Wait !!!!


  15. ...

    you’re a 30 year old woman.
    you’re not a goddamn barbie.
    grow up.


  16. tayinaj

    omg it here this bitchz gpoin to have to step they cookiez up my barbie waz shootin the video arly just morning n alot more to come keep iyt up diva


  17. [email protected]

    First this bitch tried to be lil kim now she is trying to be Lady Gaga – Sit Your Ass Down!


  18. musiclover

    Hmmmm dis should be interesting looks good


  19. Massive Attack Take over

    This is gonna be one of the best videos of 2010. Nicki Minaj got Hype Williams for her first video. Show them how its done.

    @[email protected] U MAD???

    @Lil Ci Ci- Please dont mention c-error in this post saying its gonna be her year, thats what yall said before fantasy ride came out and look what happened lmao.


  20. Liss

    Looks fun! Can’t wait


  21. Carl

    STFU don’t through shade at cici suck your mudda!!!


  22. Phoenix_Wright

    UGH Hype Williams he shoots walk crap 75% of the time. Hope the song & video are good.

    Amber Rose is staying more relevant than a lot of artist and all she does is make appearances! lol gotta love it.


  23. Massive Attack Take over

    @Carl Too late hahaa. #sityourbloodclotassdown u batty bwoy.


  24. Guess whos playing freddy?

    Damn Nicki is about to kill em. What artist do u know can get Hype williams to direct there debut video. Thats BIG. This is gonna be a crazy video got a helicopter car chase in a desert. I have never seen that before so i dont wanna hear people saying shes copying somebody.


  25. Jazmine


    The irony in this statement “u mad?”

    Obviously you’re the one mad. Why the hate on Ciara? So, You mad?


  26. Massive Attack Take over

    @jazmine no why was that flop even mentioned in this post? i havent seen anything new from that herm.


  27. Massive Attack Take over

    just like i could say u mad for responding to my post right? try me.


  28. #Cmonson

    ok so this post is about Nicki Minaj and not that flop who hasnt gone gold off her third album. Moving right along though, this video is gonna slay and to the people saying shes copying BEP imma be video what makes u think that just cause shes in the desert??? Do u know how many videos before that were shot in the dessert cause i can name about 15. whoever said that is beyond simple minded. This video will put her in a league of her own.


  29. BowChickaWahWah

    Lady Gaga (Telephone), Mariah Carey (I Stay In Love), Destiny’s Child (Cater 2 U), Rihanna (Hard, Rehab), Missy Elliot (Lose Control), and I’m sure plenty others have shot videos in the desert, so stop saying she’s copying off of BEP. Lol UMAD?!


  30. Phoenix_Wright

    LMAO @ BowChickaWahWah

    So true it’s all been done b4, Hype Williams sucks


  31. Lil CiCi

    some nicki minaj stans throwin shade at the QUEEN CI. Nicki Minaj ain’t payin ya bills. So sit down HOES——–> Nicki haven’t dropped an album yet. Until Nicki make that 9 million like The Queen Ci then y’all can talk. CIARA 2010 BITCHEZ!!!! (i still got love 4 Nicki though)


  32. Put them stank matted wigs back on

    get em with the hotness Nicki haters stay mad cuz *in my nicki voice* you couldnt beat me there if ya had a leer indian-style court side wit a cavalier vip roseaus you can have a beer
    cuz honey when you gettin MONEY you dont have a care now #RogerThat b!tches


  33. Lil CiCi

    @ jasmine, nicki minaj stans are DELUSIONAL….. It’s just the begining for Nicki and like I said before she ain’t paying her stans/fans bills. like wtf has she done for them? NOTHING!!! But she’s still gonna shit.


  34. David Thespokenword Washington

    Y’all bitches need to sit. The ho ain’t had an album out yet, or a hit single & y’all swear she sitting on every female ALREADY ESTABLISHED! Please sit…. the woman wants to be a Barbie, that’s an epic fail in itself.


  35. Jazmine

    @Massive attack take over

    just like I can say “You mad” for replying to me not once but twice.

    @Lil cici that fat queen @Massive Attack take over
    can sit his big illiterate ass right back down.


  36. tomasa

    omg cant wait to see it! i♥you nicki keep up the GREAT work. youre the baddest! cant wait to see it!


  37. Julius Adames

    damn c c your very beautiful keep it up


  38. DownFahDahHBz!

    ok, person who says she is thirty is fxcking wrong. she’s twenty five. &that’s her thing to call herself barbie. no matter how old she is. &apparently she doesn’t really think she’s a barbie dumbasses. &for the bxtch who says she hasn’t had a single yet. umm what are you lookin’ at up top? &every song she is on she fxcking wrecks it. so umm hop up off of nicki!

    ANYWAYS ready for the song to come out!
    love yhu nicki!


  39. Nicki Minaj’s Backstage Picz To Her Music Video “Massive Attack” OUT SOON !! :Deez Jamz

    [...] CLICK HERE < To See Backstage [...]

  40. AllBarbiesMustDie

    Sorry the video to beat this year will be Gaga and Beyonce. Nicki needs to sit her old bpolat ass down. And dummies this girl is not 25 the bitch is damn near 30, believe that! The only two chicks running shit this year will be Gaga and A.Keys with Beyonce pushin them so Cici run down ass and Nicki ghetto asses can fall back. Nicki is the joke of hip hop except to you thirsty ass teeny boppers trying to be plastic ass barbie dolls. You want to hear real female emcees look up Jean Grae, MC Lyte, Queeen Latifah, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim who Nicki is tryin so bad to be, Remy Ma, and etc. I could go on and on. I don’t give a damn if they don’t have new material out, but nothing Nicki does could ever hold a candle to anything they’ve done. Fuck Young Money – homo thugs tryiin to be Junior Mafia or Tupacs OutLaws GTFOH!


  41. Lil CiCi

    @ all barbiesmustdie did u dare mention QUEEN CIARA’S name? Sit down hoe cuz ya favs ain’t doin it and will never do it. and ain’t nobody goin read that essay. at ya lame desperate pathectic attempt to diss THE QUEEN CI. EPIC FAIL ————–>


  42. lil bit

    yo justin waz up my name is chelsey and i got like all you songs and you sing amazin you da best luv you



    sorry Nicki is doing what Kim did year ago she is not original at all.Damn yall sucking out her ovaries its not that serious


  44. l!l $w@gg@

    imma give props were props due at everybody doin der own thang nicki gud i lilke da way she flows lil kim is a beast tho everybody tryin to eat n dis recession howeva nicki got to come get it dont knoc her hussle!! i listen to all music 1 aint no greater than the other 1 to me they gettin paid y im stl at a desk job!!! so stop beefin about who goin to be da shit 4 2010!!!


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  46. jessica

    which one are u niki anyways u all ways look preety it does not matter


  47. dan

    @lil cici

    queen ci? u serious? queen? queen of what? dancing like a hooker? being out shopping? whispering in the mic?

    why are those singers always being named queen? there is no queen rihanna, queen beyonce, queen britney or something like that…

    if there were queens then it would be aretha, whitney, celine, madonna….but just because they last that long

    calling the running flop a queen doesnt make her better, but you can start calling nicole s. a queen, too, maybe its helping her sales…


  48. Lil CiCi

    @ dan at ya lame desperate attempt to diss THE QUEEN CI. ya mad? stay mad punk ass fagg!!! ain’t nobody reading that essay! CIARA 2010 BITCHEZ.


  49. CLOTH DIAPERING…. One Size Fits All Pockets?

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  50. dan

    bet thats why you read it, huh?

    ciara is nice for modeling, cause shes hot, but thats it..doesnt make her a queen
    ciara 2005. thats it…


  51. Lil CiCi

    @ see that’s exactly my point. lame ass comeback…. bitch come correct CIARA has been the shit since 04 and still today. SIT DOWN MUTT! CIARA ——–> WEAK ASS


  52. Lil CiCi

    CIARA >>>>> WEAK ASS


  53. dan

    thats why fantasy ride became multi-platinum…yes, you’re right….she’s the shit

    as i said, she’s hot, yes
    she can dance, yes
    will she stay relevant in music? no

    but shes smart with starting the model thing, she knows she will not be relevant in 10 years anymore, thats why she is getting the money while she can

    and who cares…i have all of her cds, yes i even own fantasy ride, but why calling her a queen? what did she achieve in music that makes her a queen? nothing
    she is just a younger kind of janet, but does nothing new

    i liked her when she came out, but now she is just dancing like a stripper

    and who cares if it was 04 or 05?


  54. Lil CiCi

    @ (laughs) dan just drop it honey because you are fooling yourself. firt of all how the fuck do u know what she thinks or how she thinks. fagg u don’t fuckin know her neither to I. you’re just another one of those fake fans. and u have all her CDS? (laughs) Ciara will remain relevant in years to come. this long as essay proves nothing. please give up hon because you’ve been saying the same corny ass shit. amd don’t compare her to Janet because her and Janet are two different artists. if she hasn’t achieved anything in music then how come….
    1. American Music Awards
    2. ASCAP Pop Music Awards
    3. Grammy Awards
    4. MTV Video Music Awards
    5. BET Awards
    6. MOBO Awards
    7. Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
    8. Ozone Awards
    9.World Music Awards
    10. VIBE

    “Ciara was honored as Billboard’s 2008 “Woman of the Year”, because of her success in the music industry”

    Now sweetie your point was?…….. i thought so. EPIC FAIL———–> CIARA 2010 BITHCEZ!!


  55. Lil CiCi

    “Ciara was honored as Billboard’s 2008 “Woman of the Year”, because of her success in the music industry.” Now, sweetie your point was?…….I thougt so. EPIC FAIL——–> 2010 BITCHEZ


  56. takeAdrinkHaters

    let’s just hope this or she doesnt be s0me overhyped bull again like another drake! keep it low guys shh…just wait patiently


  57. amee

    hey everyone my name is amee im 13 and i luvvvvvvvvv nicki minaj i cannot wait until she comes ova to london and does anyone noe where to watch nicki minaj massive attach the official video yet


  58. Lady Dutch

    Yo what’s hood this is the master of dutches (ladydutch). all ya bitches hateing on my bitch nicki, she’s better than lil kim , ciera,foxy, and all them bitches that thought they made it and fell the hell off. nicki’s going to make it if you like it or not so get over it ok. SHE’S THE BADDEST BITCH. STOP HATEING


  59. baby

    yall bitch think ciara is dummm well shes not BitCH


  60. Duchess L

    Nicki takeover! Go girl, u’re d BESTEST…cant wait 2 seE dat video, i gat d feeling it’s gonna be d BOMB!


  61. Mz.cutiepie

    ha g..diz mii Mz.cutiepie i always wanna 2 c u…i am from chi-town…..luv:Mz.cutiepie


  62. Mz.cutiepie

    diz iz boben i am at da bottom…i wanna be on da top…………….☆☆☆☆☆


  63. Mz.cutiepie

    Diz girl name baby iz right yo’ll do think she dumm…dat aint…..


  64. lilmiller

    hi niki you my #1 fan i got you on my myspace page


  65. yallshutyonastyasses



  66. mayghenn

    amber rose looks absoutlry beautiful and she is the baddest barbie out right now!


  67. mayghenn

    nicki was smart to put amber in this video thumbs up! n nicki is pretty as well fashionistas they are:)


  68. Navjot

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