Alicia Keys Brings Out Beyoncé and Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden Show

Alicia Keys and Beyoncé

Concertgoers who attended Alicia Keys’ “Freedom” tour stop at Madison Square Garden in New York City on St. Patrick’s Day were in luck. The Grammy winner thrilled her hometown crowd by bringing out Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

Alicia and Beyoncé united to perform their collaboration “Put It in a Love Song” live for the first time together, and she capped off the evening by singing her city’s anthem “Empire State of Mind” with Jay-Z. Even Alicia’s man, Swizz Beatz, briefly took the stage for “On to the Next One.”

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  1. Mikey Martini

    I need to see a video clip now! ;)


  2. Jasmyne

    luv it & also ready to see the video!=)


  3. Ghetto Fab

    A.Keys is just too lackluster for me. I never understood her hype. She puts out great songs. But IMO she is boring. and lmao that Put it in a love song is a hot ass mess. And there’s Beystealin looking like a tacky skripper again. At least the wig was tame tonight.


  4. Corinne

    ^^ didnt u just tell others to stop hating on the rihanna post???


  5. BeyonceStanTilDeath

    I love alicia keys!!! She and beyonce look great! Mustve been a amazing show! I was on the fence about buying her new album but seein beyonce support her makes me feel like supporting her too. That amazing unthinkable song with drake mightve played a factor too lol


  6. E

    Big fan o Alicia Keys Blesg Amzng vocals Best show choices.. keep the sounds flowig Do This.. Rock On!!


  7. Sonti

    I admire & love Alicia Keys together with her music. I even named my little girl after her. You go girl.





  9. BeeFab

    Yes Alicia Keys is really lackluster.
    I dont understand why beyoncé hanging with her.
    She is the pop Queen & she is giving to the boring Alicia Keys the credit she doesnt deserves.
    I dont understand Beyoncé’s relationship with these whack people Jay z,Alicia Keys etc…
    I mean she could have been the New Mj if she was dating someone younger & more glamour like JT….


  10. A Dude

    @BeeFab, you’re such an unteresting person. WOW.


  11. BeeFab


    oh thanks but I dont think that i can be define AS A PERSON through a comment on a blog. :)

    Anyway thanks 4 the attention :)


  12. Ron

    I heard it was an amazing show!


  13. mal



  14. davyd69

    i think beyonce must start to work on a new album for 2010 and return to her sound because i am sascha fierce is very too boring too much ballads and no much rhytim songs my favorite song og beyonce is that’s how you like from dangerously in love back to 2003 i love too irreplecable but her 3e album is dissapointing for me what you feel about that!!?


  15. drtash

    ^I AGREE YEAH SHE NEEDS TO RETURN TO HER D.I.L ERA. That’s when Beyonce was at her best, but now she’s getting too gimmicky. I’d love her to return to rnb for her next record…that would be hot!!!


  16. takeAdrinkHaters

    wtf @beefab why u acting like beyonce’s greater than alicia? what credit is she actually giving alicia umm n0thing pls d0nt tell me that whack PIIALS cause thats alicia’s worse colaboration thr0ughout her career. and n0t everyone thinks she’s b0ring. s0me people just kn0w what music is. unlike beyonce atleast Alicia does what she gots 2…just cause A’s n0t ur typical p0p gaga doesnt make her less talented. Beyonce aint everything the grammys she w0n were favoritism bull.


  17. takeAdrinkHaters

    and is A feat. B. n0t the other way around. s0 I dont see ur point about that and the c0mment u made about her husband beyonce aint all that


  18. danelle

    Once in a life time experience seeing 2 of the most fanataulious female artistes right befor your eyes oh how I wish I was there love you both!


  19. lays

    beyonce voce e uma pessoa muito espesial para mim porisso estou escrevendo este texto para voce eu ti amo do fundo do meu coraçao


  20. B-rad

    I wonder if J has had a threesome with Alicia and B??


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