Ludacris Claims Victory on Charts


Ludacris is laying claim to the No. 1 spot. The rapper-actor’s latest album Battle of the Sexes won the battle on the charts this week.

Luda’s seventh studio effort makes a grand entrance atop the Billboard 200 with sales of 137,000 copies. Propelled by the platinum-selling single “How Low,” it marks the fourth No. 1 over his 10-year career and brings his total top 10 albums to seven.

According to Billboard, Sexes is the first rap album to top the Billboard 200 since Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 in October 2009.

Sade’s Soldier of Love (No. 6, 52,000), Lady Gaga’s The Fame (No. 8, 48,000), and the Black Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D. (No. 9, 43,000) round out the top 10.

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  1. jeremydante

    luda is sexy as hell.


  2. David Thespokenword Washington

    I’m happy for him.


  3. NICKY





  4. davyd69

    good album no matther what the critics said


  5. JD

    YAY LUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Rihanna

    I’m the top female with the most #1′s of this decade and have only been around for only 5 years. You mad?


  7. Sade Adu

    Rihanna girl, listen here:

    You are a nobody. You can’t sing, write or dance. I went Gold in one week while you raggedy self stuggled to reach that level in 2 months. I am a 50 year old women who is shitting all over you. Are you mad?


  8. Michael Jackson

    Both you bishes need to calm down. I recently scored a record deal worth 250 million, the largest in history. And guess what, I’m dead. Who’s really mad?


  9. Whitney Houston

    Sigh.. I had one of the greatest voices of all time and threw it all away for crack. I’m the one who should be mad.


  10. hahaha



  11. Mariah Carey

    I have more number 1 hits (18) then any other solo artist…everrrrrrr!!!!!

    I also have a 5 octave vocal range.

    Too bad I can’t dance for shit though….but neither can Rihana


  12. cassie

    I have diddys heart ….atleast that what he told me


  13. BitchPlease

    lmfaooo Wtf is going here!


  14. ybg

    lol. i love this celebs. where is bey and gaga?


  15. Beyonce

    Hey y’all. Look, I’m really not one for fighting, but did you guys see the grammy awards this year?


  16. bonka

    Oh wow, person impersonating celebs, please take your silly self back over to /b/ and learn how to troll.


  17. Lisa

    Go Luda and my girl, RiRi just got her 6th #1. The most by any artist since 2000.


  18. Janet Jackson

    33 global #1 hits. 6 #1 albums. 3 #1 movies. 4 sold out world tours. 1st MTV Icon. I was the most searched for in 2004 on the internet. I’ve been in the entertainment business since the 70′s. 5 Grammys that I earned and didn’t buy. Nominated for an Oscar. Enough about me just google Ms. Nasty… (Flips weave and rolls eyes)


  19. alicia's a homewrecker

    LMAO at these comments….don’t forget to throw alicia keys under the bus.


  20. Britney Spears

    Please, i’m the biggest selling female artist of the past decade. You guys need to sit down, you might as well because i’m taking over the music scene again this summer.


  21. Jeffery J-Boe

    All Of Y’all Are So Damn Funny, and All Have Accomplish Goals Higher Than Possible… And Congratulations Ludacris, and Keep Making Good Music… This “Battle Of The Sexes” Album Is Really Good, and Keep Shattering Stereotypes.


  22. Smiley

    Love the Sex Room cut with Trey Songz. It is pure fiyah.


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