Jeezy Is No Longer Young

Lose My Mind

First Diddy dropped the P. from his name, then Bow Wow grew out of his Lil status, and now Jeezy has decided he no longer wants to be Young. Jay Jenkins’ name change graces the cover art for “Lose My Mind,” the street single from his forthcoming album Thug Motivation 103. The moniker first appeared on the credits for Rihanna’s “Hard,” but it’s now official. So Jeezy it is.

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  1. young bizzle

    Game as well changed his name


  2. davyd69

    his album is very too much delayed for i don’t think i will buy it


  3. young who?

    Jay-Z >>>> Jeezy. (If that isn’t swagger jacking, I don’t know)


  4. UserQQQQ

    well Jay-Z was Jazzy but changed to avoid being accused of jacking Jazzy Jeff.. so I’m not sure what point you’re making dude.


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  8. lmao

    young who? you’re a dumbass. you don’t know shit about jay-z. his mentor who got him in the rap game was jaz-o so ya he swagger jacked if anything. just puttin you up on game. jay-z jaz-o….. you made yourself lookin pretty fuckin stupid


  9. Love All Music

    Way to mess up my iTunes library. I don’t want to go to two different names to listen to your music.


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  11. naybesa

    everyone always dropping something from their names but can you blame um how u gone be 25 and up but still got the words “lil” “young” and other stuff like that in your name. sooner or later it has to get dropped


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  15. AntBoogie

    But “Lil Wayne, never drop the ‘Lil’, I gave Paul a hunnid thousand for my grill!” – think weezy will ever drop his lil?


  16. Driek

    Yal dumb as hell. Dude just dont want to be called young no more. grow the hell up, no big deal. Damn!!


  17. Auto Enrolment

    Money makes the world go round. But what happens when the money stops going round? I think we are finding out at the moment.


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