Sean Garrett Rumbles in the Jungle in Nicki Minaj’s ‘Massive Attack’ Video

Sean Garrett

“I’m in my 2010 Rambo, so hard I had to let Nic pink out the Lambo/ Ya’ll already know we got the ammo, massive attack,” sings Sean “The Pen” Garrett on Nicki Minaj’s first single, “Massive Attack,” which he co-produced with Alex Da Kid. The brawny Garrett gets his Rambo on in the militaristic clip, shot against a jungle backdrop and in the desert of Lancaster, Calif.

Next Friday, the singer-songwriter will head to Miami to film a video for his Barbie-assisted single “Get It All” with director Gil Green. Click here for more photos from the “Massive Attack” set with Nicki and Amber Rose.

Sean Garrett Sean Garrett

Photo credit: Phil Reid

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  1. AAA

    Yay I’m first can’t wait to see it ….it’s!!!!! Barbie!!!!! bitch!!!


  2. dr

    ok ok @AAA calm down


  3. BlackNLatin

    He looks so damn sexy!!! *gettin wet*…..


  4. styleneek

    oooo looks like its gonna b a gd video…iBB


  5. Terry-Andre

    @BlackNlatin I mean I guess, If you into turtles with muscles…To each his/her own! lmao


  6. David Thespokenword Washington

    He is sexy, apparently to somebody. If people find him sexy, than let them be @ Terry-Andre. I think he is.


  7. Carl



  8. Harvey

    LMAO @ “turtle with muscles”!!!


  9. BowChickaWahWah

    Lol you guys. Cant wait. ^_^


  10. FLOP



  11. meiple

    jus say ninja turtle lookin ass den lol


  12. Terry-Andre

    lmao!! @meiple Ninja Turtle ass!!


  13. wanna_minaj

    Aye Barb know where i can listen to Massive Attack ? i cant find that shit no where


  14. nini

    These pics are so darn sexy wish he was in my pants ahhhhh .


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