Dr. Dre Aims for Perfection with ‘Detox’

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s Detox has been alluding fans for six years now, with little known about when the hip-hop icon’s long-awaited opus will arrive. Where most albums are pushed back due to label turmoil or economic mishaps, it’s Dre’s perfectionism that has been the driving force behind the Detox delay. Rap-Up.com caught up with the Doc’s protégé and former Shady/Aftermath signee Stat Quo, who shed some light on the heavily-guarded project.

“It’s whenever Dre’s ready,” the Atlanta MC tells Rap-Up.com. “If you want my opinion on it, I think he wants to be confident in what he has to put out as an ensemble piece. Dre is hip-hop in a sense, so hip-hop needs him to put out a great album, ’cause if he doesn’t, it affects all of us—not just what he does, but the whole culture.”

Stat is no stranger to album setbacks himself, which is part of the reason he chose to depart Shady/Aftermath in 2008. However, Eminem and Dre’s influence on him as an artist, as well as a person, has remained a vital part of who he’s become today. “Em has taught me, in terms of function, how to put a rhyme together, just being around him and watching him, I’ve taken that and incorporated that in what I do,” he says. “And Dre is just all around a better artist, a better person. Whenever I need advice on anything—my personal life, business, whatever—I go and ask him. He’s like a real live mentor for me.”

Despite not being part of the Shady/Aftermath family any more, it’s still all love between Stat and his mentors. The rapper was actually featured in one of Dre’s recent HP commercials (and as a result has created a pseudonym for himself—Russell Quo), and has also been one person who’s had a chance to not only listen to, but be a part of Detox. “I still work with Dre every day,” he reveals. “I’ve heard and been a part of some incredible music.”

The burden of perfectionism is a heavy one—and apparently a six-year long one, but it’s clearly something that Dre takes very seriously and has passed onto Stat as well. “He’s very important and he knows that, so he’s not just gonna put out some bullshit. You never get that second chance to make that first impression.”

Stat Quo’s debut album Statlanta has a tentative release date of June 22. As for Detox, Stat assures it’s coming sooner than later. “I think he’s gonna be putting something out real soon,” he adds. “It’s all on him. He’s the captain. We’re ship hands working on that ship.”

–Jordan Upmalis

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  1. davyd69

    june 22 its far six year now is not enough?!


  2. ...

    it won’t ever be released IMO. if it does manage to finally come out, look for it to pull a guns n roses and not sell that well. their album was delayed for about 12 years and it barely went gold in the US.


  3. Pinoy

    DETOX it GOTTA come out this year.


  4. fuckdre

    Fuck dr. Dre even if his shit come out for free I aint goin near that crap I waited long enough to know that detox is just a meth


  5. JD

    detox wont come out till whenever dre dies. seriously 6 years and your still not confident in your own music???


  6. DE

    Detox has to come out this year, I know dr dre is taking forever to finish his album, but some of you need to hit the blunt and realize how bad hip hop is and wait for them hot beats by dr dre.

    My life- dre


  7. soulfyne

    dope article!


  8. a fan

    music is a great feeling and dr dre is a genius of feelings and great sounds . i do belive when people pressure u u lose quality and i respect that dr dre will let his music unfold and be what it needs to be for the next level .


  9. UserQQQQ

    Detox is the Duke Nukem Forever of Hip Hop.

    But if you’re looking for a taste of what it could have been check out the tracks people wrote for him

    Crooked I – “Say Dr. Dre” (YouTube)
    Ludacris – “OGs Anthem” (YouTube)

    Personally I think those could have been great tracks for Detox. Probably not gonna happen anymore since they were leaked and the Crooked I one was 2-3? years ago. Still by the time it comes out we’ll probably have an entire album’s worth of these leaks and heck that might be a pretty dope album right there.


  10. Harvey

    Too much hype around the shit. I bet anything the final piece of work won’t live up to it.


  11. IBO



  12. KENTzee

    to every1 baggin Dre i think u all should back up & ease up…. look da way i see it he was going to bring it out @ da end of last year but if any1 remembers right his son did die late last year… would’ve thrown a spanner in da works mentally… i know it’s been some time but just let him bring it out when he does….


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