Video: Trey Songz Heats Up Spring Break

Trey Songz

Trey Songz sweats it out while performing his steamy single “I Invented Sex” live at MTV Spring Break 2010 in Acapulco, Mexico. Which spring breaker is going home with Trigga?

Photo credit: PictureGroup

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  1. money honey

    trey is a cutie but damn he’s so skinny! lol itz all good tho ;)


  2. Tina

    Trey baby needs to keep full-length pants on at all times, aint nobody, but nobody wants to see those chicken legs.

    That ain’t cute.


  3. BlackNLatin

    He needs to keep pants on them popeye chicken wing legs of his….


  4. Ghetto Fab

    Trey is cool and all but he’s gotta practice on his stage performances. It gets a bit boring when he’s up there. And it shouldn’t. We know the music is hot, so all he has to do is up the performances and he’s gold.


  5. Smiley

    Trey did an awesome job performing. He looks great and I’m sure with age his body will develop more. His looks just fine the way he is right now. That’s one hard working young man.


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