Behind the Video: Ludacris f/ Diamond, Trina, & Eve – ‘My Chick Bad (Remix)’


Ludacris, Diamond, Trina, and Eve take you behind the scenes of their video for “My Chick Bad (Remix).” Hip-hop’s female lyricists show strength in numbers in the TAJ-directed clip.

“I’m just happy that Luda got this together and made this happen,” says Eve. “This is just a nice prelude to what’s about to happen. I think it’s about to be another movement of strong women.”

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  1. LaMont

    Trina is the baddest bitch fo real! Baby girl is thick as hell!


  2. Bobby Simmons

    Wow…I can’t wait for that video the song was already hot but I must say every thing that Luda does it hot. I can’t think of one song that was not a hit…
    it just made the song much much more hot is that he got Diamond, Trina, and Eve on the track…


  3. Anthony D. Floricourt



  4. BowChickaWahWah

    Oh shit. I cant wait!


  5. Dizzle



  6. badboi

    Trina still the Baddest Bitch 10 years later. And her flow was actually the hottest in this song. I cant wait for her new album May 4th.


  7. BoyFalana

    Eve is lookin mean in the video …the swag is nuts…did you peep the lean…great…i love…please come back hard Eve no Tambourines


  8. philly11



  9. The Truth

    Tell me this is not making you all miss the old Female MCs? Lil Kim and Foxy Brown would have tore this song a new asshole lol.

    With that being said Luda gets some props. To have this much female MCs on a record is dope. Beat is hot, the lyrics is hot, they outdid themselves with this song. I haven’t liked a rap song in a while so he gets props!


  10. BitchPlease

    They’re all doing their thang that’s all that matters.


  11. drtash

    Too bad he never asked missy…yeah i’m still pissed about it. How you gonna get all the hottest female emcees on an album in the past 10 years and not include the biggest selling one of them all? c’mon now!!


  12. drtash

    anyway hot song!!!can’t wait to see the finished product.


  13. davyd69

    its a better song that the original


  14. Terry-Andre

    I honestly think Eve had the best verse. Swagg so MEAN!


  15. Yay

    Miss 32 aka Diamond go hard on her verse! “Jimmi Choo fetish keep me freash like lettice!”



  16. drtash

    Yeah EVE had the hottest verse hands down BUT who LOOKS the hottest???? TRINA….THICKNESSSSSSS!!!!


  17. Armani Phr3sh

    E-V-mutha fcukin-E!!!

    i am sooo mad she BODIED the wole track…she should have been on the priginal and Nicki Minaj should have been on the remix…PERIOD!


  18. Jarin Simmons

    Trina is bad on her verse that is a mean chick.


  19. Lo

    It would have been nice to see Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, Charli Baltimore and Olivia on the track as well. I enjoyed it. Way to go Ludacris and much success!


  20. mikissyds

    does anyone know what’s the red thing eve is wearing?? ITS HOT!!!


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