Kelis Out of Fashion in ‘Acapella’ Video


Kelis is known for setting trends, but the fashionista won’t be flaunting any avant-garde threads in her new music video.

The singer shot the video for her David Guetta-produced single “Acapella” with directors Rankin and Chris Cottam in Los Angeles last month. “It has a really strong, universal, tribal vibe to it. When I say that, I mean it’s no particular tribe; it’s a little bit of everything,” she tells “It’s like if the world were to end and there was one woman standing, what would it be like?”

The visuals for her No. 1 dance record will be a departure from her previous fashion-forward clips. “It’s not fashion-oriented at all. Actually, it’s the complete opposite,” she reveals.

Kelis wanted to go in a different direction after seeing an abundance of fashion in today’s music videos. “I think everything is over-fashioned up that it just becomes uninteresting, and when every artist has access to every designer and vice versa, it’s no longer exciting or fun.”

Flesh Tone, Kelis’ fifth studio album, will arrive overseas on May 17 and is slated to hit U.S. shores in June, while the video for “Acapella” premieres Monday, March 29.

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  1. [email protected]

    I Love Her. Always Different. I Was Amazed When I Heard People Say( Younger Generations) Why Is She Trying To Be Like Lady Gaga Beyonce Rihanna… Kids Do Your Research. While She Didnt Create The Crazy Sounds (60′s – 80′s) At The Time She Had The Crazy Sound & Style All To Herself! I Love This Woman.. Keep Being Kelis..


  2. davyd69

    her voice is unique and its good her latest album was release in 2006 its too far for 2 albums release i think 2 years its the best for year discography succession


  3. Jordyn

    I love this woman omg. I can not wait to see how iconic the video is. Most videos today are fashioned up, see this is why I stan for her. She always wants to go the complete opposite of what other singers are doing. I just love her creative aspect and her music is such a gem. I hope people stop sleeping and realize how talented this woman is. I will finally have my favorite artist album in my hands come May and Im so amped. Bring on Monday!


  4. guertri mecca

    I’m happy shes doing the unthinkable.
    All these singer are going for the same look nowadays and its boring. I will not be surprised at all if these swagger jack Kelis’ new look in her Acapella video.


  5. Stilla

    Yes Im so ready for Kelis new video. I need her original and creative videos back in the game. We need more raw talent because all the gimmicks are really getting played.


  6. Mia

    I just cant stand Kelis.. she swear she’s the uber chick like girl BOOM! she cant even sing


  7. Sagb

    this is gonna end up being like a promo cus the song is lame!!!


  8. Rick



  9. Not The Only One

    and the haters will continue to HATE. See kelis is unbothered and she will be a global star now that is on her side. His resume is impressive look at fergie and black eye peas ..all sucess because of him. U Guys just mad that your favs such as lady gaga and rhianna love steal mis eccentric style and call it her own smh. But kelis will own 2010 watch


  10. Don

    Wow at the haters. Yall never exist to amaze me. Im def looking forward everything my gerl kelis is bringingg with the new album. She reminds me of Madonna


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