New Music: Jeezy f/ Ester Dean – ‘Mama Told Me’ (Beyoncé Demo)

Jeezy and Ester Dean

Ester Dean sings on the demo for the artist formerly known as Young Jeezy. Beyoncé will reportedly be featured on the final version of “Mama Told Me,” the first official single from Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 album. The Middle Eastern-tinged production was co-written by Dean, whose stock is quickly rising with credits on Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and Christina Aguilera’s upcoming single “Not Myself Tonight.”

Download: Jeezy f/ Ester Dean – “Mama Told Me” (Demo)

Audio source: dajaz1

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  1. Mikey Martini

    I like it alot actually, I just can’t wait to hear Beyonce on it. I know she’s gonna murder it as usual.


  2. raydeeohcity

    i know beyonce is gonna 86 the autotune. I hope she is…Great collab if shes really on the final version.


  3. yourmother

    beysus gonna slay this


  4. tell'em

    Niiiicee. Can’t wait for the final version with Beyonce.


  5. lame

    OMG BEYONCEEEE IS going to eat this song and spit it outttt!!! I can’t wait to hear her version!!


  6. davyd69

    that will be better with beyonce on it


  7. Michael Burmeister

    So Jeezy, you finally decided to show love to your lil’ sis, eh?

    Why not show more love and keep her on the final version! (you’ll never clear you-know-who, plus Ms. Dean really needs something to boost her solo career again post-”Drop It Low”)


  8. lame

    esther dean is jeezy’s younger sister?


  9. Bibi

    This is going to be crazyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!


  10. Me

    And I’m sure beyonce will steel cowriting credit as always


  11. Ghetto Fab

    Beyonce better hope this is not the track cause it sounds a HOT MESS! To be iconic she’s gotta be selective with who she works with. Why hop on a Jeezy track? This is why I love Sade…..


  12. Michael Burmeister


    It’s a joke (very popular among commenters, but I beat everybody else)


  13. dante

    Whoo thats gon be FIYA!!!


  14. vmars08

    On the left, you’ll see popular rapper Jeezy. On the right, you’ll see Jeezy with hair.


  15. BayGirl

    This song is good can’t wait for the real version I wish Ester would stop using auto tune & use her real voice cuz she has a sick raspy tone that makes her stand out from all the rest. Plus she is killin in the songwriting.


  16. mal



  17. listen

    this song is not as crazy as everyone is trying to make it out to be.


  18. drtash

    hell no…not this autotuned crap for the queen beyonce….SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING. Why would she need her voice to be autotuned like this??? I hope they don’t end up autotuning it, but then again, jeezy should have just let Ester have her shine, coz the song ain’t all that to begin with.


  19. Brittany

    Yeah, no autotune for Beyonce. Save that for the non-singers. Also, Beyonce can afford to do some collaborations with outside artists because she rarely does them. The person who made that comment must not be a Beyonce fan, or you’re not very familiar with her music discography. Beyonce has so many different genres and songs, so she can afford a few Hip-Hop tracks. Beyonce’s versatility is what makes her a stand out artist, unique. There aren’t too many artists that can switch between genres and change their voice up like she can. Beyonce’s vocal swag is crazy. Also, to the hater, Beyonce doesn’t steal songs. LMAO! Ignorance is bliss.


  20. rob

    i love that beyonce is collaborating with more artists! i would like to see an album of beyonce duets , cause she really brings it on tracks and live performances with other people.


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