Robin Thicke Signs On for Busta Rhymes Album

Busta Rhymes and Robin Thicke

Busta Rhymes is keeping a tight lid on his next album, but Robin Thicke couldn’t keep quiet about his contribution to the project.

Bussa Bus has been in the lab recording The Chemo, the follow-up to last year’s Back on My B.S., due this summer. One collaboration fans can count on is with R&B heartthrob Robin Thicke. “I did a record with Busta for his new album,” Thicke reveals to “We went in the studio and Busta and I worked together.”

The “Sex Therapy” singer always has a good time with the animated rapper. “Busta’s always been one of my favorites and he’s also one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s the coolest.”

Thicke didn’t share more about the track for fear of getting busted by Busta. “Busta is very top secret—NASA, CIA, don’t tell nobody nothing, don’t play nobody nothing, so I probably shouldn’t have even said that. He’s probably sending somebody here right now to beat me up,” he jokes.

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  1. UltraKid

    As long as he features more Dilla beats and crazy radio singles then I really don’t care who he features well yes I do…Don’t make some bullshit Ludacris is making & don’t sell out and start doing collabs with Justin Beiber & Soulja Boy.


  2. davyd69

    i hope that the chemo will be better that b.o.m.b this album was very dissapointing because many doesn’t mean anything and not much of his voice on it too many featurings


  3. dante

    That should be a good collabo.

    Have yall seen Shontelle’s new video for Impossible! shonetelle is lookin good. Ladies, Steph Jones is in there. And they have a big argument scene.


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