Video: Ludacris f/ Diamond, Trina, & Eve – ‘My Chick Bad (Remix)’

Diamond, Trina, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, and Eve

It’s all about the ladies in Ludacris’ video for “My Chick Bad (Remix).” The “pussy rules the world version” of Luda’s smash stars three of hip-hop’s fiercest femcees—former Crime Mob member Diamond, Trina, and Eve—in one superbad video. Rick Ross, Lil Scrappy, and Nicki Minaj, who raps on the original, also make appearances in the TAJ-directed clip.

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  1. ILikeTrina

    Why is Nicki Minaj in this? He should have just added her verse to the video edit.

    Trina and Luda are good together as usual. Her lyrics have degraded lately, but the energy is still there. Looking hotter than ever though.

    Eve is nice, but not what she used to be.

    Diamond… eh, I don’t know who this chick is.


  2. loulia

    WHERE IS THE ENERGY ????!!! chiks look tired !!!!


  3. Lindsay

    I was so excited for this video; some of the hottest ladies in the game doing it for us girls; and I have to say I’m kinda of disappointed. They all looked kinda bored. Oh well I have to give it to Luda for trying something different; still love me some Eve and can not wait until her next album.


  4. klip



  5. davyd69

    he is luckyto be with 4 hot chicks


  6. g3

    this was a waste


  7. Burmy

    Yawn…Shawnna probably rapped CIRCLES around all of them in the original version (the one that never saw the light of day)

    I’m starting up a petition for DTP to put out the “Director’s Cut” edition (how we were SUPPOSED to hear it).

    Matter of fact, I kinda lost a bit of respect for Traxster for putting up with this (he shoulda said “I rep my city-CHICAGO. PUT SHAWNNA’S VERSE BACK ON OR TAKE MY BEAT OFF!)


  8. Awp

    Diamond is the best here.
    I love that they arent on that Lady Gaga Super Fashoniable Shit. Its dope and cool :)


  9. drtash

    man luda!!!! WTF?????? THIS WAS SOOOO LOW BUDGET!!!!Seriously, I mean there was zero creativity in this video. I thought he was gonna switch it up for the remix but it looks sooo cheap!!! After all that effort of getting all those hot femcees on a record and he blows it with some cheap ass video. I take back what I said about Missy not being in this video and song….I guess the recession has meant even rich folk like luda are on a severe budget!!!smh.


  10. Terry-Andre

    @AWP Diamond WHO??? You tried it, Get somewhere quick and face the wall..


  11. Ghetto Fab

    What a hot mess! lol Did they know that the camera turned on and they were actually filming? Cause everyone looking tired as hell. They barely dancing. I know the video was low buget but damn they could have played with the sets alot more than what they did. Its just boring. Eve had the best verse on this thing and she shut it down in the video. I guess good effort

    But I stand by my word that if Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Missy Elliot was in this song dey would have shut it doooooooown! lol


  12. lil lady from BARBIE VILLE

    whom eva that hatin ass nigga name Terry-Andre is, is a lame, Diamond killed that but my bitch Trina did that, all the way live


  13. lil lady from BARBIE VILLE

    Apparently niggas hate to because whoeva this Terry-Andre clown is clearly don’t kno who my bitch is, but most of all Trina aka MY LIL MINI ME killed it!!!!


  14. GlamourGirl

    I Agree With Ghetto Fab… This Was Just A Mess, VERY DISAPPOINTED And I Luv Some Trina… Diamond Made The Video Budget even Lower… Who Is She??? Her And Her Man Are “Has Beens”… “Boooooo, Move B*tch Get Out The Way!” Good Try Luda But Your Line Up Was A Bit Off… You Had Legends Mixed With Rookies (Pros Mixed With Hoes) And It Just Threw It Off… Lil Kim, Trina, Eve, Foxy now that’s a TRU line up! They Don’t Even Look As If They Are Really Enjoying It Or Even Rock Wit Eachother Like That! But I Feel’em On Getting Their Paper$$$


  15. BowChickaWahWah

    Lol I usually try to find something positive in everything, but sadly I agree with what everyone said. Such a waste lol. The original was so much better.


  16. swaggamcjagga

    I liked the concept of the video. u have to admit that was dope. It was just missing something. I think I liked trinas part best. eve shoulda came harder.and as for the budget…its a remix folks.


  17. Carl

    wtf was this. Eve and Diamond had the best verse.


  18. Burmy

    Luda…a word to the wise:


    Diamond: I don’t see why folks are still listening to her. Its obvious that of the Crime Mob alumnae, Princess is:
    1. the better rapper
    2. the more attractive female
    3. the more laid-back and down-to-earth person,
    4. the lady who’s down for her man (Princess’ man been locked up for awhile, yet she visits him everyday-if Scrappy got in the pen, Diamond would split in a heartbeat!)
    Trina: Like one of them Florida wines-she actually improves with more experience. Nothing special about her lyrics, but I do give her props for staying relevant this long. “Still the Baddest” was, in my mind, her best album (pure nasty stuff can only go so far, and she’s evolving)-something tells me “Amazin’” will be even better…(hopefully “My Story” gets on there)
    Eve: What more can I say. I was not feeling the makeover Interscope had given her for the never-released “Here I Am,” but it’s good to see that even with all this superstardom and international buzz, she can still hold a good verse down. Looking forward to her album and the Ruff Ryders reunion (FREE DMX!)

    Now on to the other femcees:

    Foxy Brown: Was my favorite femcee back in the day…trouble is she sounds EXACTLY THE SAME as she did back in the day. However, she still has got that personality, plus she has been staying out of trouble for 2 years straight (something I never thought she’d be able to pull off)-Maybe she can give DMX some lessons on that…
    Lil’ Kim: I thought she actually was progressing after “The Naked Truth”-which I thought was really good. However, she hasn’t done much since-aside from a “Dancing with the Stars” and a “Download” single-which was ORIGINALLY SET TO BE ON DJ ENVY’S ALBUM!
    Remy Ma: WHY Remy, WHY??!! You coulda had the game on lock here-but you HAD to mess around and get that 8-year sentence. I hope you win your appeal or get parole soon, cuz THE GAME NEEDS YOU!
    Jacki-O: Gotta respect her side hustles, but she really needs to come back to the rap soon!
    Da Brat: See Remy, but replace the “8″ with “2″ or “3″ (I forget which one it was)
    Lady of Rage: WE NEED YOU BACK!
    And last but not least, Shawnna: I really do hope T-Pain makes you a priority. Right after RevolveR and T. McCoy’s “Lazarus,” you should be up next.

    (P.S. There is a certain other who will not be named and made the worst album in hip-hop history in ’08. All I can say is, RETIRE NOW.)


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    DAMNNN it wasnt even that bad (smh at the ppl above going in), but I do agree the energy should of been up their.


  20. Phoenix_Wright


    And Nicki should of been on the remix too


  21. smartypants



  22. LaMont

    Trina is hands down the baddest bitch in this video!


  23. KEY

    my chicks bad, lol no of them can rap except eve, drop them in in the trash


  24. BoyFalana



  25. Terry-Andre

    lil lady from BARBIE VILLE !! AKA CHRISTINA D. E! Aint nobody tell me this HOE was goin to be in here. Shut yo ass up! NOW you like Trina! at first you Reppin Macy Gray! Shoot yourself!!!


  26. Lil' Nello

    Video was straight but way to much like the original! Eve killed it though & is primed for a major comeback!


  27. MOOKiE



  28. a girl

    y m have a party like come on im mad redo start over a c i have 2 do this


  29. ladyb

    this is very boaring the could have did a lil dance or sum &+they sould have put nicki in


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