Lauryn Hill Evades Ludacris Duet

Ludacris and Lauryn Hill

Ludacris was able to recruit Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Eve, and Trina for his latest album Battle of the Sexes, but there’s one of hip-hop’s leading ladies who’s eluded him.

“I think Lauryn Hill is like extremely talented and I can say I did try to do that, it just didn’t work itself out,” he told The Associated Press of his attempted collaboration with the elusive Grammy winner, whose acclaimed album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released in 1998.

He may not be able to nab Ms. Hill, but one thing Luda knows how to do is move a crowd. Watch him perform “How Low” on Friday’s “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” below.

Video via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    Lauryn Hill was always very exclusive with who she worked with. One of the reasons I always loved her. I do wish she would come back. She’d shut more than half of these females down. Her album “Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill” is a certified CLASSIC and will always stand the test of time. Even if she never makes another album again, I’m glad she blessed us with that piece of art. Take your time LH. Come back on your own terms.


  2. UltraKid

    Lauryn Hill is never going to make a comeback–She’s crazy these days and this is coming from one of her fans. I wish she could get her life together ans start rapping/singing again.


  3. davyd69

    good work for both of them


  4. Ghetto Fab

    lol I don’t understand why people keep saying she’s crazy. How exactly do we know that she is crazy? Why is she crazy? Because she doesn’t want to be a slave to the music industry pumping out albums every minute like some of our favorite stars just to quench the music thirst of the fans? Lauryn is a true artist who does it for herself not for anybody else. If Lauryn comes back she will do it her own way. BTW she has been playing in a bunch of festivals just youtube her. Just because she don’t wanna work with Luda don’t mean squat.


  5. musakfool87

    Agree with GhettoFab! Just because she is not a sell out and a media whore doesn’t mean she is CRAZY! Thank God she didn’t do a song with Luda..his music is pretty awful nowadays and she would have embarrassed him with her rhymes. She’s one of the best rappers of all time male or female and I would rather wait all these years for an another incredible album than receive one that is forced or sub-par. Shit if Columbia wasn’t ran by a bunch of suits than we probably would have had 2 more albums but they don’t know music! All they know is $$


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    She is cool, but lets be real you really think she is going to come back? I mean yeah many have, but if she is like those old artist who go away for 10-20 yrs then it may take a while or never happen.


  7. Giselle

    I don’t blame Lauryn, listen to what’s on the radio these days. Even Ludacris’ songs have become generic and stupid.


  8. Battle Of The Sexes

    [...] || Lauryn Hill Evades Ludacris Duet [...]

  9. joe sulli

    im not wanting to hate on eve, trina etc… but lauryn hill is more then extremely talented… she is genius… way outta all their leagues… i couldnt imagine her with luda either


  10. UserQQQQ

    people aren’t saying L. Hill is crazy because she hasn’t put out a record in a few years. That would be stupid. People say she’s crazy because she does crazy stupid thing. I know that and I barely follow this stuff. I’ve been hearing people say “look at this girl what is she crazy or something” and they aren’t talking about her lack of albums or what not for years man. for years.


  11. realty check

    UserQQQQ get a clue. You can’t name one thing that Lauryn has done that is crazy. She has worn some interesting costumes and makeup ON stage. You have never seen her dressed like that off stage. If you notice they never post the video of her performance only the odd picture they capture. She is still a fabulous performer. She doesn’t want to be bothered. So what, you can fill up pages of other artist that make the same request. Lauryn is not running down the street with her ass out. She is not on stage showing half her ass. She has not broken any laws. She is not degrading other people or speaking bad about anyone. Lauryn is a women trying to do the best she can to maintain and raise her kids. Yes, she has had some difficult times, but who hasn’t. Her music has been nothing but positive. She is not out marketing herself to anyone. We are seeking her out. STOP with the stupid labels and give respect where due.


  12. lo

    This is one of the reasons why i love Lauryn, i definately cannot see her collaborating with Ludacris (i have hoes in different area codes) definately not. All the female rapper he has chosen for his album are not at Lauryn Hill’s level including himself. Lauryn is not crazy she has been touring Europe over the years. She was in Australia in Jan 2010 the reviews for her shows were brilliant and positive those who call her crazy are as stupid as the other artists currently dominating the music industry. Lauryn has never done a lot of collaborations and if she does she chooses them well. There needs to be synergy btw artists when they collaborate musically and lyrucally Lauryn and Luda are generations apart, he is commercial crap while Lauryn has never changed her format she is a lyrical genious, positive, political, spiritual, educational, insirational and one of the most influential artist of the younger generation.


  13. LLLY

    I know why people are saying that she is crazy but she is not crazy she is a CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  14. lolo

    “I know why people are saying that she is crazy but she is not crazy she is a CRACKHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1″

    Another stupid comment do you have proof that she is a crackhead.


  15. Atmosphere

    No one is saying she’s crazy because she hasn’t put out an album in 12 years. Sade just released her first album in ten years, and before that it was eight years in between albums. She’s never been called crazy. No, what makes Lauryn crazy are the things she does and says. Look up what she’s been doing in the past decade, and the headlines are almost never good. She was supposed to reunite with The Fugees, but guess what? It couldn’t happen because she was impossible to work with. If she stopped working purely because she wanted to raise her kids, I could accept that. Anyone who puts their family above their career has my utmost respect. But children are not the only reason why Lauryn has been MIA from the music scene. She’s the female Axl Rose. I’m a fan of her music, and I too wish she would come back, but it ain’t gonna happen. I’m sorry, but Lauryn Hill the artist is dead. I hope she someday proves me wrong about that, though.


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