Sean Paul: Gimme the Mohawk

Sean Paul and Ottis Anderson

Sean Paul traded in his trademark cornrows for a mohawk. The reggae star sported the new haircut while seated courtside next to former New York Giants running back Ottis Anderson at the Detroit Pistons vs. New Jersey Nets game at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Friday (March 26). Sean has recorded a remix to his labelmate Toni Braxton’s song “Lookin’ at Me.” Listen here.

Sean Paul Sean Paul and Ottis Anderson

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  1. MB

    Lol he looks a complete mess.


  2. davyd69

    his last album flop really hard to me on top ( pepper pot) not good sorry do better job next time


  3. Ghetto Fab

    Jesus somebody get this dude a haircut.Sean yuh supposed to be reppin for the Islanders but not with this cut man! this lookin too dyamn metrosexual.


  4. Harvey

    That cut look dumb as hell on him. A mess.


  5. JD

    im so tired of mohawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    His hair doesn’t look bad, it just gives him a “rocker” like look so it is kind of weird to see that on a reggae artist. I wonder what he put in his hair cause that don’t look nappy at all.


  7. Ghetto Fab

    @Phoenix Wright

    Why does his hair have to be nappy? Because he’s a Reggae artist? A good portion of the people from the Caribbean are not even Black to begin with so make statements in which you actually know things about. Because you sound like an moron. Why don’t you do a wikipedia search next time. Sean Paul is a Jamaican of Black/Asian/Caucasian descent.

    BTW Rap-Up I almost didn’t recognize the song there. It sounds great! Sounds like a great summer song


  8. dr

    ughh god he fell offffff


  9. Rap*

    It looks good.


  10. ...



  11. Phoenix_Wright

    @ Ghetto Fab

    U took that to heart much?? lol I wasn’t talking about Caribbean people. I saying that because most reggae artist who are black have natural black hair. Next time u try insult me read my comment over instead of jumping to conclusions. All u had to say is that he is mixed, instead u trying to build ur e-rep smh.


  12. The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 » Blog Archive » Sean Paul Debuts Mohawk Haircut At NBA Game (Snapshots)

    [...] Peep a few more snapshots after the cut, courtesy of RapUp. [...]

  13. DH

    live ur life to please urself not others.


  14. Nalini

    I think it’s a nice change.. Besides, to me, he’d look good in anything..


  15. Mary

    He looks DAMN GOOD…

    and Imperial Blaze is the bomb – best album to come out in ’09…


  16. sarvar

    hi Sean how are you?i live my teacher im too artist in asia uzbekistan


  17. Dilemma

    Cant believe Dutty Cup do diss>> Luuuu. ish dont lukk good at allllllll…. Smh


  18. crzras

    First I must start by saying that just because you are from an island and you are a reggae artist does not mean you have to have nappy hair! I don’t! He is not black! I think he looks great! SP is different in every way and he is not affraid to show it! His style is his own and I respect him for that. He doesn’t try to please the world by fitting into this cookie cutter mold as everone else does. That is his greatest asset! And ps, Pepperpot is my favorite song!


  19. kentto

    i respec for the cornrows completely, raggae and bob marley feelings i think :/


  20. Janet from Boston

    I am deeply in love with Sean and his swag. He is talented and even though his moves aren’t back breaking and hard to do, no one moves as sexy as he does. But as big of a fan that I am I can’t agree with the choice he has made to rock a mohawk. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU SEAN but I am going to miss the braids… Hope you change your mind and go back to the corn rows. I respect your courage to try something new. Not many can say they’re willing to step out their comfort zone and take risks. Love you any way you bring it.


  21. lalo

    Fuken Haters!!


  22. Sunny Digpal

    Y don’t people that don’t like his new hair cut go find a arse to EAT FROM

    It’s better to be diffrent not what others want you to be
    I think The he suits it maby your hair cut looks like bum fluff It’s like u must be sad to Jude him on his cut

    All am saying it’s not are fault u haters love to suck arse
    You must be Jelus because u can’t pull a mawhawk off ????????


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