Behind the Video: The-Dream – ‘Love King’


The-Dream presided over the set of “Love King,” the first single from his new album of the same name, earlier this month in Atlanta with director Lil’ X. He will shoot another clip for the song’s remix on Thursday with Ludacris. Meanwhile, Mr. Radio Killa is already plotting his next album and hinted at Love/Affair as the title.

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  1. shav

    watched it on ustream it was so many girls their

    ciara and dream bout to shit like no other


  2. ihope

    I hope this video isn’t wack. It probably will be though.


  3. Love Sex Magic

    Song is just ok to me.


  4. Bey/Ci/Ri true fan!

    I like the dream songs they are catchy but sometimes the constant similarites between them gets old. I hope this album really does well for him! I like this song, I hope this video is good!


  5. BlackNLatin

    My bew Dream lookin so sexy…


  6. Dillon_68

    SHUT IT DOWN DREAM! So many girls, this video will be a hit!


  7. g3

    this is ma shyt video looks good his jacket is hot


  8. alicia is a home wrecka

    the song is ok….and thats it


  9. EveryYearIsCiaras

    Ha. I knew he couldn’t stop after this album. Keep them coming.


  10. BowChickaWahWah

    I kinda like The Dream’s music. I mean they’re ok. I really do like Rockin That Thang (or w/e it was called) mostly. But I’m not really feeling this. Maybe it’ll have to grow on me.


  11. test12345

    exactly. song is just an ok-song. and he still can NOT sing at ALL.


  12. doodooboi

    sounds like his first song n every other song he has


  13. Baller882

    i think this is my fav song by him all his other stuff sounds wack


  14. Eugene "The Composer"

    The Dream is a great talent and he did it again with his latest video. I call him a hit maker supreme the Dream.


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