New Music: Flo Rida f/ T-Pain – ‘Zoosk Girl’

T-Pain and Flo Rida

Product placement reaches a new “Low” on Flo Rida’s “Zoosk Girl.” The rapper names his latest party starter after the online dating site. T-Pain cashes in with his fellow Floridian over a “Tainted Love” sample, which will appear on Flo’s next album The Only One. A video has already been been shot and we imagine it will be full of cyber suitors.

Download: Flo Rida f/ T-Pain – “Zoosk Girl”

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  1. davyd69

    i hope his 3e album will most like mail on suday because roots was a little less good


  2. BowChickaWahWah

    This song is hot haha. Reminds me of the first song they did together, too.


  3. test12345

    WTF is THIS??!


  4. asdfasd

    ^his next #1 lol


  5. All bout it

    This song is hot! So this is like “Air force ones” by nelly but for a dating site? Smart shit


  6. Armond

    guaranteed the kluger agency’s doing


  7. yeahright

    I swear, Flo-rida is like rap’s response to Rihanna. i like ‘em though. This song is aight.


  8. Mariela Castillo Cota

    flo definetely knows how to make chart-topper hits


  9. sagb

    its good but not as good as low and right round


  10. billy

    this song is fire. I need me a zoosk girl


  11. ugh

    can he just do a song that doesnt sample another song? why is shontelle dropping lines in the song? wtf is a zoosk girl? flo rida…please sit down


  12. Catie

    Flo Rida makes hits but let’s be honest, the guy can’t sell albums.


  13. Alive

    This Song Is Da Bomg But Is Not As Good As His Last Singles Right Round And Low. I Do Not Really Like The Fact That Its Named After A Dating Site It The Name Reminds Me Of Touch Me Video Which Was Not Very Good. This Song Is Very Good But Not Execellent. I Rate This Song 7.5 And I Do Not Agree With Catie “let’s be honest flo rida has the best album sells” so i do not know what ya talkin about catie


  14. Eliott Benhamou

    plz flo, just back home…


  15. topliner

    this is going to be a huge song. u can already tell by the amount of youtube hits the song got when it leaked. last i checked it was like 400,000


  16. sami

    i like the song. reminds me of tainted love and yay for tpain!


  17. Knowitall

    its a fast pitched version of tainted love background, and it’s funny how some of you nay-sayer’s diss artists and think only some songs are good, when in reality you know nothing on how HITS are made and how they work when it comes to radio/clubs/mass audience appeal.


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