Sneak Peek: Brandy & Ray J’s ‘Family Business’


The Norwood family invites viewers into their busy lives on VH1′s “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,” premiering April 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Watch the extended trailer for the one-hour episode series, in which Brandy and Ray J learn the ropes of the family company, but can they avoid letting business get in the way of their personal relationships?

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  1. Baron

    I can’t even lie – I will be watching this.

    3 things:

    1) I will be interested to see where the actual business activity comes from, as Brandy hasn’t been doing much of anything aside from a late 2008 album and a TV pilot (that didn’t get picked up). I guess most of the focus on Ray J will be the last couple of albums he’s done and the “For the love of Ray J” show
    2) Mr. Norwood seems to be the one who holds the fam together – gotta love a strong black father figure
    3) Brandy’s musical career seems to have stalled, and I’ll be interested in seeing how the show addresses that because the difference in sales of her first 2 or 3 albums and the last 2 is undeniable


  2. Thatsuperstar

    I will be watching. I love Brandy… ;)


  3. juicyBear

    omg this looks gr8!! — RayJ betta not make my bran bran cry *ima punch him*


  4. Terrell Johnson

    Brandy has always been one of my favorite artists growing up and my can verify that seeing she’s the 3rd most played artist in my iTunes library. I love B-Rocka and I wish, hope and pray that this show will revive her as the recording artist we all once knew…definitely tuning in every week.


  5. MACH

    AMAZING. Love Brandy.. Love this family.. Sonja is as real as they come. i remember I wanted to meet Brandy but she was so busy runnin around and Sonja told me their itenerary so I could catch her at another stop. I thought Sonja would be mean. I’ve also chatted with her on Twitter. Strong mom, strong dad. This family is beautiful.. Especially when the “single mom” home is mostly broadcast as typical in the black community.


  6. dr



  7. lame

    This looks NUTZ!!! and ghetto..i hate the way Ray J talks…ughh


  8. Joe

    I cant wait to see this show. WOW it really looks great!


  9. Face

    How I love the Brandy of Norwood! That “the looove” harmony at the end… Life, signed, sealed, delivered.


  10. JD

    Im only watching cuz i wanna see Brandy


  11. cuhZAMM

    Theres nothing ghetto about this.


  12. part

    IM SORRY im forward to watching this i love brandy but am i the only 1 seeing ray j cant sing and not a real artist he is riding straight of the family business and brandy aka “brandy’s brother”…when he sings its funny cuz he think he get real


  13. lashanda

    Ray J has some Nice songs, even though he’s not the best singer, he makes good music every now and then.

    I LOVE AND ADORE BRANDY, this show is already a hit! A BLACK FAMILY SHOW FINALLY, Fantasias was okay, a bit boring, Monica’s was uplifting but not entertaining at all… the kardashians… is BS.. So this is a winner, it balances, and we all know the Norwoods… so this will be a must see, I’m ready to get all in their business LOL

    APRIL 11th!


  14. Aidryn

    Tihs show looks great. my mom says she will be watching every episode. she and i are her biggest fans. I LOVE ME SOME BRANDY (and ray j)


  15. RMB

    this show actually looks interesting, i just wish ray j wasnt in it lol, but whatever

    and ummm whoever called this ghetto is ignorant…ugh


  16. Nicky

    RAY J CAN NOT SING!!!!!!!


  17. Denny

    This show is about to bring Brandy back. This is about to be the BEST reality show yet. I’m excited. Is the show really going to be an hour long?


  18. Terry-Andre

    @ Nicky..I second that..


  19. Chantell

    I will be watching I love some Brandy and the love the family have for eachother. Is so good to see.


  20. Ash

    Love Brandy and Rays family! They have been making money for YEARS now and they seem ready to take the game by storm AGAIN!Cant wait to watch I know they have alot in store for us fans!


  21. Irvin

    wow I’ll be watchin this, looks great. My only concerns= Ray-J seems like another Teeny (tasia’s show). and= Timbaland better executive produce bran bran’s album!


  22. Rochelle Hardison

    Why does’nt the family business acknowledge willie norwood’s oldest son C-Dove? These people are hypocrites and Sonja is a bitch! I will not watch this farce of a show.


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