Mother Claims Child Was Traumatized by Erykah Badu Video

For her ninth birthday, Kayleigh Espinosa took a trip to Dallas and instead of sightseeing, she got an eyeful of a naked Erykah Badu, who was filming her controversial video for “Window Seat.” The mother of the girl was less than pleased and plans to file a complaint with police. “I thought it was pretty gross. I don’t want to see it again ’cause I’m little,” said Kayleigh.

Meanwhile, Badu guested on Wednesday’s “Chelsea Lately,” where she told the host about how guys end up wearing crocheted pants or a man purse after they fall in love with her, the effect of gold lamé on her lovers, and how her mother thought OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson” was about her. Video below.

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  1. Love Love 187

    I was more traumatized by the Telephone video..


  2. Kerwin J Lindo

    @Love Love 187 i AGREE


  3. Nate

    Seriously? There are much bigger issues in the world and it seems like both the child and her mother are playing it all up to get attention. “Aw, I’m traumatized ’cause, y’know, I’m little.” Aw, how cute. NO. Leave Erykah Badu alone. She is an artist.


  4. Raciel Camargo

    Seriously? The girl is smiling while she’s saying “I thought it was gross.”

    The only reason the little girl is only going to remember that happened on her birthday is because her mom is making such a big deal about it. Bringing her daughter to FOX4 News to talk about something that she saw for 1 second. Plus, she only saw her in her bra. In the video she gets completely naked a minute later, probably not even close to the girl.

    The mom needs to shut the fckk up and stop making such a big deal. She didn’t even see her naked. And if she did she her naked, her and her daughter saw the video on her website. Stupid lady, she just wants attention.


  5. listen

    complete bullshit. erykah had clothes on when she passed that little girl. the first thing that came off after she walked by them was her bra strap. they would have only seen her back. if the MOTHER was so offended and disgusted by this act, she should had her daughter look the other way. they just want tv time on their local news.


  6. E. Badu

    Kiss my naked ass


  7. Jaelani

    LOL. People are so pathetic and attention-hungry.
    New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh in stores now!!!


  8. j

    Yea, that’s not something I’d want my young child to see. A women, beautiful as she may be, stripping buckey naked in the middle of the street. However, saying the kid is traumatized from this is a bit much. Roles reversed, if it was a guy walking naked in the middle of the street we could all understand the mother’s complaint. Just because E Badu got a niiiice booty doesn’t make it impossible for a young child to be affected from seeing that in public.


  9. MB92

    They need to stop, are you serious?? people are focusing more on her being naked, than the message she’s trying to send out through the song. They Acting like they never saw a naked person before LMAO


  10. guerta ava

    This is utter bullshit. The mother is just trying to get money and some attention. She should be ashame of herself trying to milk this situation. Erykah still had her pants on when she passed by that little girl. As for the little girl, she need to stop it as well. Pathetic ass ppl.


  11. davyd69

    if she doesn’t like it just don’t watch its just a video


  12. Dessi

    Yes I too was traumatized, where’s the camera so I can tell my story


  13. Andrew

    OKAY. honestly. I feel bad for the child, because honestly, she’s just turned 9. It’s as simple as that.

    THE FACT IS that the mother is UNEDUCATED as hell. Why would she not take the opportunity to explain to the girl that there is a difference between being NAKED and being NUDE. AND even if she didn’t understand the reasoning behind it at the time of the filming, you can’t POSSIBLY be that dumb to not realize the intention of the music video.

    It is her responsibility as a mother to educate her daughter to be media literate and sensible enough to decipher the meaning of simple statement performance art pieces.

    the world needs to change.


  14. Toya

    They waited until now to report the incident to police. Please. If they were really grossed out, they would have done something that day. Chances are they didn’t really see anything but would like some money out of the deal.


  15. Kyle

    Since all the controversy it got the people are just trying to get attention and make it a bigger deal than it really is. Come on, she was just NAKED. Why does society blow nudity up to be a big deal when it’s really not?


  16. bladerunin

    OK i’m going to need to see your Green Card, People should know that’s the street JFK was assassinated at.


  17. MeSouth

    ahauahauaua this is so silly. shame!!


  18. UserQQQQ

    oh they’re definitely playing it up for attention but I still agree with them. Everyone on the internet likes to say things like ‘oh boo hoo nudity is no big deal’ or ‘it’s just a nipple’ or ‘it is natural and beautiful’.

    You can’t just walk down the streets naked in public. For the same reason you can’t teach kindergarten in the nude. I’m really surprised more families haven’t complained. People should file complaints. The problem is that this particular woman is an idiot. Just because she’s an idiot (i’m assuming as I didn’t bother to watch the video) doesn’t mean she’s wrong.

    People are always so quick to judge something based on people rather than the concepts. I’ve always said it would be hilarious if Neo-Nazi’s started campaigning for woman’s rights. I think we’d all be surprised at the number of people who would automatically switch to whatever side the Nazi’s weren’t on.

    As for the message? That’s not at issue. The issue is a naked woman walking down the If they make a great movie with a message about world peace but they do it as porn that doesn’t make it any more appropriate for family viewing.

    I’m not saying they need to put her in chains but seriously come on. There need to be consequences and repercussions of some sort.


  19. amaroth

    hahaha cool free publicity for erykah.
    i want to buy her cd


  20. BowChickaWahWah



  21. Kyle

    After watching the interview with them it makes me laugh even more because at the point they showed the girl in the video Erykah wasn’t even fully nude. She was still wearing her pants and bra. Did they follow her or something until she got fully nude? Stupid publicity for them.


  22. Bryan

    This is stupid. I understand while people are upset but obviously they are just looking to get money. If anyone notices when they show Kayleigh in the highlighted circle, erykah is wearing pants and a bra which is much more than she would see at the beach. By the time she takes off all her clothes Kayleigh is NO WHERE in sight. So her mother could of gladly taken her away from the area. A fine? Of course a fine would be acceptable any money you’re getting for doing nothing is great. Kayleigh can be more offended by watching MTV.


  23. Fred S.

    WTF!!! Why press charges or file a complaint on what another person did in the site of your child? Why didn’t you take your child out of the area? I bet my last dallor that the mother and daughter watched the entire thing, even after they initially saw her…smh! “It was gross,” really? Why is the mother not teaching her daughter that women are beautiful and so are their bodies? Why not explain to your child that E. Badu is an adult and if that is what she wanted to do, then let that be that. Teach your daughter otherwise, if you have such a big problem with it. I am sure that this little girl has been exposed to some experience that were far more disturbing than E. Badu taking her clothes off. C’mon people stop trying to get fame and money over little things. Shouldn’t that little girl have been in school anyway, or did she take the day off for her b-day…SMDH! The mother really should step back before she gets in court and looses and be in debted to her lawyers for the rest of her life. I am sure even if they did go to court that E. Badu would win because she can afford a lawyer. BTW…you can’t force E.Badu to apologize. Apologize for what, all she was doing was express herself…regardless of who did or did not like it. What may be gross is that this little girl is only 9, but she probably weighs more that I do and I am a fully grown 27 year old man. Help your children LORD!!!


  24. JdaBarbie

    lol so the little girl has never seen a naked body before? does she bathe with clothes on?

    erykah should have given everyone in the park a heads up b4 for true i agree with that but this lady is making too much of a big issue over this
    she’s just looking for fame. i mean you got on the news and all??
    wow its never to be that serious!


  25. Phoenix_Wright

    “OMG I saw her naked and now I am for traumatized”…gtfoh. I understand why the mother would be upset, but really it isn’t that serious. If your daughter didn’t want to see it then she shouldn’t have been looking.


  26. joey

    people really bother me. if i got to see her in person, and naked my life would be complete. people will do anything to get on tv. just some fat people needing some lime light


  27. Dillon_68

    F this girl, and her hot mom who is too stupid to understand the concept of art.


  28. 333

    does “art” always get a pass? hell, i should do some crazy sh** and call it art too.

    you are all promoting GROUPTHINK


  29. kayla

    This is straight bullshit she can be traumatized by this and not the telephone video! Please at least Badu had a point to were her nudity was going


  30. DJ Game

    the reason this fat little girl was traumatized was because she realized she does not have a body like that. Miss Badu is in her 30′s and is still looking sexy as can be.


  31. unknown

    if justin bieber was walking naked in a video she wouldnt be complaining now would she


  32. Kaye

    ah okay . if Britney had done such a vid , it woulda been aite but noo , its Badu so its a big hoohaa . shut up lil girl


  33. UserQQQQ

    If your daughter didn’t want to see it then she shouldn’t have been looking.

    See now that’s the epitome of the stupidity right there. This isn’t like a video on TV. It’s not like they were at a concert. They were walking down the street. What about the little girl further down the road. She was just having a fun day with her mother and looked up to see what everyone was gawking at and *bam* full frontal nudity. Was it her fault for looking at the spectacle as well?

    Yeah woman are beautiful yada yada yada. Are men beautiful too? Then what’s up with grown women screaming when a naked man opens his overcoat in front of them? After all he has on more clothes than Erykah. Should Ludacris be allowed to walk down Peachtree fully nude as long as he has “Don’t eat corn syrup” written on his chest?

    If you want nude women walking around go join a nudist colony or visit a nude beach, but if I’m taking my nephews and nieces out for a walk to the mall I expect the people walking around to be wearing clothes.


  34. stellar2

    Erykah Badu is awesome. those people want their 15 minutes of fame is all.


  35. TXN

    ^^ The same can be said about erykah. brilliant publicity stunt on her part.


  36. Keepin it 100

    Lmaooo apologize???? Ms Badu doesnt have time for that shes busy promoting her album right now. Whos gonna force her to say sorry? Nobody.


  37. will

    Chelsea lately always keeps it real. Shes ill lol


  38. marc lavell

    that lady is money hungry! she justs want ebadu money!


  39. doodooboi

    geeez it’s not like she did anything sexual it was ART. go to buca de pepo n sue them as well for having naked little kids on their walls. PEOPLE NOW DAYZ!


  40. Panida

    Kids are bound to see this stuff no matter what age they are. The mom is just being attention and media hungry. Get over it! It happened. You can’t stop people or the world from having things happen untimely.


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