Trailer: Bow Wow, Ice Cube, & Teairra Mari Star in ‘Lottery Ticket’

Bow Wow

Bow Wow hits the jackpot in Lottery Ticket, a comedy co-starring Ice Cube, Charlie Murphy, Mike Epps, T-Pain, and more. The Erik White-directed film, arriving in theaters this summer, tells the story of Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) who goes from rags to riches after winning $350 million, but first he has to survive a three-day weekend once his calculating neighbors find out he’s holding the lucky ticket. Teairra Mari and Naturi Naughton play his on-screen love interests.

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  1. Ciara4evaeva

    Lol dat Movie Looks good & funny as hell…the church part is funny (Bow Wow IS Sexy!)


  2. J. Man

    Woooooaaaaa look at TEAIRRA MARI sexy ass (SO HOT) from the looks of it she can act :-)


  3. David Thespokenword Washington

    I don’t like Bow wow, but this looks good. Teairra Mari would play the slut *Smh*. Love Naturi, GO GIRL!


  4. J. Man

    ^ Do I smell a HATER? Hahahaha


  5. part

    another fake generic black average boring movie…..


  6. Mic Check

    i think this movie will do well im gonna check it out, and i respect t.mari’s hustle she definately a trooper


  7. Alive

    I Think Its Alright Its Just Like Movie From 2003 But Bow Wow Rocks It Looking Forward To That New Single Featurning Sean Kingston From Lottery Ticket.


  8. KNUCK

    Looks cute.. has some of my fave black actors in it. Loretta Devine and Ice Cube have definitely been in some classics! Let’s not act “hollywood” on them like we don’t watch waiting to exhale and friday every now and then lol

    But I mean, the storyline is not really interesting in the least. Looks like some ignant black folks fighting over money.. *sigh*


  9. tay1025

    the movie actually luks like it wud be worth me paying to see good luk bow wow


  10. David Thespokenword Washington

    J. Man bye, because i said I didn’t like Bow Wow, where is the hate? Are you like slow or something? People are subject to their own opinions, I just stated I personally don’t like him, nothing more, nothing less. But, I did say the movie looked good. Get it together, & there is nothing to hate on at that, so sit.


  11. Selbytwist

    i actually want to see this


  12. TrizIzHere

    This movie actually looks good. And, DAMNNN look at Teairra Mari.


  13. amina

    cant wait to see it!


  14. NETTA

    i actually wanna c it looks funni


  15. incognegro

    I am looking forward to this movie. No – it might not change anyone’s life, probably not a Oscar contender either, but I think that it will make for a couple of good laughs, which are good for the soul.

    On a different note, I think that this is a great move for all of the musical acts involved:

    Bow Wow – I think that he is a reasonably good actor, and reminds me of other rapper-turned-actors. If he continues to act, and accept more dark and mature roles, maybe it will translate into people recognizing that he is not a child anymore, and he will be able to touch an adult fanbase with his music.

    Naturi Naughton & Teairra Mari – two hella-talented, beautiful, musical underdogs. Naturi Naughton has shown that she is a force to reckon with on the movie screen, so hopefully she will get a chance to put out an album because the girl can sang! Teairra Mari has so much talent and charisma, I think that it people gave her a fighting chance, she could definitely compete with the major R&B heavy hitters. Team Teairra Mari!!!

    Long story still long as hell (lol), I can’t wait for the movie :-)


  16. LaMont

    This movie looks really good! I can’t wait to see it! Teairra Mari and Natauri Naughton are both very sexy young women.


  17. drtash

    DAYUM don’t care much about the movie but TEAIRRA’S LOOKING FINE AS HELL!! I might watch it when it goes to DVD just to watch her but that’s it.


  18. drtash

    ^OH and NATURI TOO!!!she’s been very busy lately with the movies. She’s definitely going places now.


  19. D-Lon

    Bow Wow, quit rapping, and dedicate urself on being an actor, on the rap game, u’ve done it all… dont release albuns, release mixtapes… forget bout sales… u r going to make a lotta money if u dedicate urself into one thing only… it’s movies u should be doing, not music.. real talk, and im not a hater… cause i dig almost all of ur songs… but… maybe its time to quit the rap game witch is fucked up… and make more movies… one day, u’ll be the greatest… like Will Smith


  20. brandi

    Nope. Try again.



    that movie is going 2 b the hottest comedy of 2010.


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