Justin Bieber Raps on ‘Leno,’ Flirts with Chelsea Handler

We just can’t escape the Bieber fever. The teen sensation took over late night Thursday, appearing on “The Tonight Show” and “Chelsea Lately.” Biebs showed off his rap skills on “Leno,” filling in during Ludacris’ verse while performing “Baby.” He also shared the real story of why he signed with Usher over Justin Timberlake and what he’d be doing if he wasn’t an entertainer.

Earlier in the evening, he flirted with Chelsea Handler, got hit on by some cougars, and revealed what Usher gave him for his 16th birthday.

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  1. GeeGee

    Personally I’m not a fan of Bieber. However, to know that he can sing and dance in-sync unlike Britney is talent.


  2. brenda

    lol…this was funny if 2 yrs is a diffrence 5 yrs definitly will be too…boo hoo..lol


  3. RMB

    lmao i agree 100% with GeeGee


  4. Trey



  5. Catie

    GeeGee, please! Britney has proven that she can sing and dance in-synch, get over it.


  6. LadySheamus

    I’m surprised this doesn’t have over 200 responses. Where’d all the Bieber fever sufferers go?


  7. dhyline

    ` ha ha ha you so cute justin bieber .


  8. absterr:)

    he is so hot:) im future mrs. bieber! Called it! ;)


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