Brandy and Flo Rida’s Spring Fling

Brandy and Flo Rida

Is Flo Rida spinning Brandy’s world “Right Round”? The star of VH1′s “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business” flew from Los Angeles to Miami over Easter weekend to be by the rapper’s side at the 1st Annual Kids Spring and Break Into Motivation event. But despite the romance rumors, Brandy tells that she is not currently in a relationship.

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  1. Dizzle

    Brandy + Flo Rida = Crazy Song Together….cant wait for both New Albums from them :)


  2. Perio

    know Brandy know she dating Flo Rida She Went Overseas With Him For Nearly A Month and she constanly tells people to follow him on Twitter, he came to her 31st B’Day They Left Together and now she in Miami With Him????/ Were Not Stupid, Brandy Got A Man, Be Happy B!!!! Express Your Love LOL


  3. Tomi*

    They actually looks good 2gether… Werk it Girl!!!


  4. Jeffery J-Boe

    Even Though Brandy’s My Baby… They Look Really Nice Together, and I Know They Got A Song Together, and It’s Gonna Be Hott… Brandy, & Flo Rida For 2010.


  5. javonscott

    iLove Brandy! -they look nice together ;)


  6. Bran-Nu

    Ugh can do so much better..flo-rida look like donkey kong with a reciding hair-line..


  7. Diva

    They are definitely dating. Saw them @ LIV here in Miami last night. They were all cuddled up. Weird but cute couple.


  8. Damara

    they r definately an item… I was in club liv on Sunday night when brady wallked in with him and his entourage at about 3 in the am….. They look cute together and he is surely a gentleman… but Miss Brandy, was embarassing.. she was so wasted, and this was when she got ther so the pre-party must have been something. She was all over the place, hanging on to monica, acting real crazy, and just not representing the sophisticated lady figure that she should… Get it together ma not a good look


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