Brandy & Monica: Together Again

Monica and Brandy

Twelve years after topping the charts with their 1998 duet “The Boy Is Mine,” Brandy and Monica remain friends. Monica shared photos of the two in Miami over Easter weekend with the caption: “WOW. We grown. Lol.”

Despite a rocky past, the singers get along and occasionally arrange playdates for their children. “The ’90s were something different; we were 16 years old,” Monica tells “Now that I’m 29 and she’s 30, it’s totally different. We respect that we’re total opposites.”

Brandy and Monica

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    Hmmmmmm I never knew what catergory to put them cause….Whitney and Mariah came before them but acts like Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole & Beyonce came after….

    I say they are DIVAS/ICONS cause in the 90′s BRANDY MONICA & AALIYAH (R.i.P)…Had the GAME on LOCK….So i’ll go with Icons ;) LOL


  2. David Thespokenword Washington

    I never knew they weren’t cool. When was there ever beef? They’ve met up a few times to sing “The Boy is Mine” to their fans, so this isn’t new to me. Love them though


  3. David Thespokenword Washington

    Oh, I just researched, they really didn’t get along back then, when they recorded “The Boy is Mine.” Never knew that


  4. BP86

    Cool to see them together hanging out, but Brandy looks F*CKED UP!!!!! What is SHE Smoking/Drinking? lol


  5. Terry-Andre

    @BP86 Agreed,


  6. Me

    WTF is curried wilson being mentioned in this topic w any legitimate artists bf or after bran and non? Gtfoh


  7. davyd69

    good for them and i hope brandy will release her new album in 2010, monica still standing great work !!!


  8. javonscott

    iLove brandy. they look nice! && whatever brandy is having i want that. lol


  9. rman

    i feel like monica only posted this pic to show the world how f-ed up brandy looks! lol.. just saying!


  10. darius

    B- rocka and monica talent all the way.


  11. elchica

    It’s nice to see the two together again! I have alot of love and respect for both and Monica cd is a pretty great!


  12. Kyle

    It’s good that they are still friends. I remember hearing way back in the day that they really didn’t get along. Wasn’t something like Brandy performed “The Boy Is Mine” a bunch of times on talk shows without even asking Monica? I think it’s something along those lines.


  13. Bran-Nu

    Luv them both to death….however the 2nd pic brandy looks faded….lol I hope brandy and monica do a NEW SONG TOGETHER …for the fans…that would really cause some buzz…(positive buzz) and could reboost their careers as well, as the rebirth of real R&B…Brandy hurry up with the album boo!!! and love your album Monica…real music!!! lol


  14. Bran-Nu

    oh and love monicas haircut…throwback….back to the “miss thang”….don’t take it personal dayz….lol


  15. shane

    shut up with the duet….that would be soo lame.


  16. kayla

    Love dez chicks true talent this is as real as R&B is going to get! Congrats on Monica album great album Brandy need to bring us her’s from what she said she coming harder on dis album then ever and we need that. Dont forget to check Brandy out on Lopez tonight Tuesday 11:00pm

    By the way Brandy looks soooo faded still love her though.


  17. Laugh Out Loud

    @Me Your just mad cause Keri looks better than u ever will and u mad mad mad. Its ok u should go to her twitter page and read the tweet she sent out saying “You can say whatever u want about me just pay me bitch” lol. Looks like what u say goes up into thin air.


  18. lets be real

    Monica and Keri hilson are actually very good friends also. They have been seen hanging out with eachother and going to lunch in ATL. @Me why u so mad for, why everytime keri is mentioned it bothers you so much? U mad at her Beauty? U mad cause ur ugly? What is it like lets be serious.


  19. Jeffery J-Boe

    @Bran Nu, I Totally Agree, and @Shane, Shut The Fuck Up With Your Dumb Azz… I’m So Glad That Monica Posted This Picture Up Of Her, and Brandy… Monica Is So Cool, Nice, and Generous… I Just Hope That Brandy, and Monica Do Another Song Together On Brandy’s Up-Coming Album, It Would Really Help Boost Her Sells Up Alot, and They Kids Playing Together Is So Cool, and What Does This Have To Do With Keri Hilson, We Are Talking About Monica, and Brandy, Not Keri Hilson… Monica, & Brandy For 2010.


  20. Stephonne

    Brandy looks a little tore up, lol. I love that bitch though. The Boy is Mine Pt. 2 ??? That would be hot.


  21. Catie

    Brandy looks a little rough to look at in that second pic. I’m glad they still keep in touch, another collab between the two would be amazing.


  22. ThePrincipal

    Was B-Rocka rockin’ w/ some henny?!?!


  23. MissThang

    I Want Dem To Get Together And Do The Boy Is Mine Again . I So Love Daht Song


  24. ponyo

    love em both


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