Pharrell’s 37th Birthday in Wonderland

Pharrell, Red Queen, and DJ Jus Ske

Pharrell had a very important date for his 37th birthday. Skateboard P’s friends threw him a surprise Alice in Wonderland-themed party in Miami Beach over the weekend and invited the whole gang including Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Red Queen. In between his trip down the rabbit hole, the producer is prepping a new N.E.R.D. album called Nothing, led by the single “Hot & Fun.”

Photos via BBC Blog

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  1. Don

    really Pharrell? really. . this is what we’re doing at 37 *side eye* anyway I wish he would work with Kelis again but then again. . .shes doing something new. It probably wouldn’t fit on her new album. . .but Im def can’t wait to see what their new single sounds like. . .if its anything like what he produced for Shakira then he can keep it.


  2. bella

    Yeah I thought the same. He’s way too old for this shit. It’s actually damn near creepy. Grown ass man chillin with characters and cartoon cakes. I can’t.


  3. Mike

    Ok. So I was kind of hoping on March 27th from Rap-Up to post that Mariah Carey has a birthday… they didn’t… But they post that Pharrell has a birthday…

    Who is Pharrell and who is Mariah Carey.

    pff MC = the best


  4. chris86

    programming of the mind
    the alice theme


  5. AAA

    At first I wasn’t liking the whole thicke ass mustach and beard but since he did something diffrent to his hair I’m ok with it


  6. ifelicious

    sweet! happy birthday pharrell! looking forward to the new n.e.r.d. album.


  7. Catie

    Mike, oh yeah, didn’t Mariah turn the big 4-0?


  8. Mike

    @ catie yeah… so? however she looks like 30…


  9. denizgiray

    mike you really lol’ed me, who is pharrell yo yeah he is the one that made done the most top songs right, and its the first time i ever seen pharrell’s birthday celebration on magazines yet in 8 years. if i didn’t miss any! so he is beat and music and song maker and mariah carey just singer.. why the hell do you compare them and cause a shit in this really really looking good topic.


  10. keish

    two words: GROW UP


  11. Big Sis

    Pharrell is well versed in his craft and deserves such recognition…Alice in Wonderland was an amazing tale that we all grew up on it allows us to have an imagination. Just because he is of age he should let his imagination die…of course not…imagination is what keeps the youthfulness in all of us. Let your imagination die and your mind will cease to wonder…to stimulate…to grow…


  12. aryan

    Time to get gro love!


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