Behind the Video: Plies – ‘She Got It Made’

Plies gets his Richard Gere on in the Pretty Woman-inspired video for “She Got It Made,” the new single from his fourth album Goon Affiliated, due May 25. The head goon breaks from his street attire at one point, chilling in a Gucci robe and slippers on the Miami set of the Fat Cats-directed clip.

“It’s pretty much like a Pretty Woman-type scenario where the young lady’s homeless,” says E of the Fat Cats. “Plies comes past and sees her and wants to do something good for her.”

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  1. Baller82

    does anybody care bout this GOON!?!?


  2. test12345

    I so fu-kking hate this iddiott


  3. JD

    I used to be a fan but he is sooooooooo predictable. Plies is just lame now.


  4. jinx

    Fake thug no love you get the slug



    I fuks wit plies..


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