Busta Rhymes Changes Album Title?

It looks like Busta Rhymes has had a change of heart. According to Swizz Beatz, Bussa Bus may be rethinking the title of his forthcoming album The Chemo. While the new name is currently unknown, the super-producer, fresh from recording with Busta, did hint at what we can expect from his ninth LP.

“I think Busta changed the title from The Chemo,” Swizzy told Rap-Up.com, adding, “But I swear to you this album is crazy. I was impressed. I’m not even gonna lie. I went in the studio expecting to hear something else, and I heard something else.”

One collaboration already in the can is with Robin Thicke, who wouldn’t reveal too much for fear of being busted by Busta.

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  1. Kyle

    Busta is definitely one of my favorite rappers. I think I’ve purchased all of his albums. I am still playing “Back On My B.S.” That album was ON POINT it sucks that it really got no recognition.


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