New Music: Brandy – ‘Louboutins’


Now that you’ve heard Jennifer Lopez’s version of “Louboutins,” take a listen to Brandy’s. The VH1 celebreality star originally recorded the Tricky Stewart and Dream production before departing Epic Records, where it was then given to J.Lo and used as a single from her oft-delayed Love? album.

Whose feet do these designer heels belong on?

Download: Brandy – “Louboutins”

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  1. guerta ava

    Brandy’s version is unmastered and still kills J Lo.


  2. cityonfiya

    this is a half assed effort by the dream and it really doesn’t sound much different with brandy singing it because the effects on the vocals are the same. it’s cheap, repetitive, and awkward. it would be half decent if it were actually sung instead of this weird sing-talking style.


  3. FICO

    JLOs version is 100x better!


  4. TLMusik

    Brandy’s feet belongs in these shoes…


  5. boom.VOO.POW

    Brandy has much more UMPH than J. Lo and thats why J.Lo’s version tanked because it came off as cheesy. The song isn’t the greatest,but Brandy CLEARLY owns it. #imjustsayin


  6. HonestOpinion

    To those above who said J-Lo or Brandy’s version was a lot better than the other’s, get out of here.

    Both are about the same. Brandy needs to use a bit more range, but J-Lo sounds a bit too processed and flat.

    I agree with cityonfiya in that Dream needs to do something different. If he sung this, it would sound exactly like all his other songs.


  7. Dillon_68

    J. Lo’s was better, imo.


  8. ugh

    this definitely suits jlo so much better. the whole topic of the song, the whole vocal range and just the overall instrumental.

    brandy sounds like shes sitting on a vibrating massage chair…its rather annoying. i prefer brandy to stick with power ballads.


  9. Stv tha hustla

    DAAAAAAAAMN!!! Brandy’s version is 10000000000 times hotta!! She killed that shittt, FIYAH!!


  10. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)



  11. NoHater

    JLO’s version is BETTER!!!


  12. Curtains

    FIREEEEE …she killed dis ish!


  13. yoyoyocheckitboom

    brandys is much darker and just all around better in my opinion… plus umm brandy is a singer and jlo is um… not.


  14. boom.VOO.POW

    To the ppl saying “it suited jlo better” too bad it didn’t do anything for her because the song FLOP! FLOP! FLOP! & got ger DROP! DROP! DROP! lmao


  15. lashanda

    BRANDYS IS BETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTER!!! Jlo cant sing a lick so please!


  16. juicyBear

    poor jNO didnt have a chance hahaha Brandy went in — the gurl is just a great singer #theend


  17. KNUCK

    Brandy KILLED her.. plus it’s obvious J. Lo came behind her and sang it like her so how can you beat the original?

    This song was written and recorded in one night, all of the vocal stylings are basically Brandy’s.. which is how most of her songs are, even when they are demoed..


  18. KNUCK

    lol @ folks actin like Brandy never recorded “What about us” .. this song is sassy and in the same vein with the vibe. Brandy has plenty of uptempo songs that are amazing. Don’t put her in no “power ballad” box


  19. ATL Princess

    Brandy’s the better singer but I think a softer voice like J.Lo’s would be better- just not J.Lo.


  20. Joyams

    That shows how much the industry became fuckin dumb.


  21. BrandyLuva

    what a question….
    of course Bran’s version is a million times betta than j’Ho’s version!


  22. mrstatefacts

    i like brandy version better


  23. Phoenix_Wright

    Love Brandy, but J.Lo’s voice fits better with this. Either that or I’m just used to J.Lo version.


  24. SexyBoomBoy

    J. lo is the best in this song !!!

    JL Version is Awsome………i cant stop listening to this beaty catchy louboutins song

    and im waiting to her video shoots which were delyed unfortunately :(


  25. TrizIzHere

    I love love Brandy but the song suits J.Lo Better.


  26. tell'em

    Brandy’s version shits on J.Lo’s but I don’t think that surprises anybody. Brandy’s voice just rides the beat so much better. They’re in 2 completely different calibers as vocalists. J.Lo is like talking not singing..


  27. MuSik

    This song fits J.Lo better, it got that extra bit of flavor, Brandy’s version is a bit more boring and it misses the bridge and the outro which are basically the best parts of this song. Anyway both of them are too repetitive and I can’t understand how the label could ever think this sounded like a first single.


  28. pish



    or W.C ! J.LO IS DEF . BETTER


  29. LAKEE

    The song sucks ass regardless. But Brandy’s version is a whole helluva lot less annoying than J.Lo’s. just sayin’


  30. kwame louder

    brandy’s was better she song it more better but jo did a good job to


  31. Catie

    Brandy might have sang it better vocally but the song fits Jennifer’s voice more. Then song sounds like a Jennifer Lopez song, period.


  32. CArlos

    Definately JLO version was better!!! luv u JLO and of course CIARAAAAAAAA Love u forever~!


  33. (T)In ThE zOnE

    it lacks energy but i still like brandy’s voice better on it. it could have been WAYY better with more effort


  34. Dean

    No offense but J.Lo version is much better!!!


  35. Noni

    Are ppl seriously retarded??? Just listen to the frikkin intro “hooos”. Jlos vocals fall flat like she fell on the stage…Brandys vibrato is not to mess with…She completely transformed her voice on this track!

    BRANDY OWNS anything she ever records! No 1 can even come close

    J.Ho couldnt frikkin sing if her ass was on the line


  36. sux

    J.lo version sounds way better!…But i really don’t like ANY of the dreams songs that he writes/produces!…they all suck.


  37. Domonique

    Actually I like both J, lo got a move dance grove and Brandy has a little soul add to hers


  38. Johnnie

    Brandy as a singer murders J-Lo. I mean there should be no question about that. But really this song is not that substantial, it’s cute – but it’s just cute.


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