On Set of Teairra Mari’s ‘Automatic’ Video

Teairra Mari

Gentleman, start your engines. Teairra Mari drove the fellas wild on set of her sexy video for “Automatic,” the follow-up single to “Sponsor,” shot amongst exotic whips in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 6). The Nicki Minaj-assisted song is from her sophomore album At That Point, scheduled for a June release.

The R&B vixen recently revealed to Rap-Up.com that the song’s writer Rico Love originally had Lil’ Kim or Trina in mind, but she saw the Young Money femcee’s early potential. “I got Nicki on the song because I liked her,” explained Teairra. “I love Trina and I love Kim as well, but I thought we should get a fresh girl and Nicki Minaj is hot.”

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  1. MusicLove

    I cant wait.. i love this song.. She betta keep Nicki on this track!


  2. Terry-Andre


    Hell yea she betta keep her on the track,
    Love this song man


  3. LEE




  4. Carl

    LOVE her. Really want that album.


  5. Kyle

    I agree Lee, I bet Warner Bro’s is really itching for a single to really take off because they are now 4 videos deep and that’s a lot of money. But “Sponsor” is still climbing and I can see “Automatic” doing well too with the right push. And now that Nicki’s buzz is at an all time high that will help as well.


  6. sabrina

    I hope this single can take off for her.


  7. lets be real

    Another video are u serious. Her label is really tryna get a hit but puting out more videos is just wasting more money cause the album is still gonna flop. Just release the album already.


  8. javonscott

    @lets be real i agree. “Cause A Scene” is her BEST song and if that wasn’t a hit what makes them think that these medicore songs will have any impact. & why come out with a video for this song that’s been out since late 2008, just cause Nicki Minaj is hot right now is not going to make the song have any impact. Teairra should just keep promoting “Sponsor”. I want all the success for her cause her first album was FIRE!


  9. Kyle

    Yea I loved “Cause A Scene.” I’ve actually liked every song except “Hunt 4 U.” I know Teairra has got some hot material and her album will deliver. I don’t care if it flops or not, I just say they should release it and just put it out there. It was supposed to come out like a year ago.


  10. lame

    poor Teairra she’s still struggling to get a hit!


  11. Will

    If this song isnt a hit then the album should just be shelved. I think Cause a Scene should have been a major hit but BET removed it from 106 and park voting list and it was not promoted. That video was fire too. Its a shame when a hit song goes to waste.


  12. @Cassidyboi

    1st off this is not her 4th single or video. Hunt 4 U was an promo video to get her record deal which it did. This will be her third video for tha album an with waner bros label.
    2nd Just because you see her shooting a video for this song does not mean it will be out anytime soon most artist film there singles an videos before tha album is released.
    3rd If waner bros wanted to make a video for every song on album they could because the label is just not an music but film an cartoon network………..

    Fyi. I’m tired of bum bit*hs tryn tlk bad about her album bein push bak so wut she still grindn after bein let down an doin her thing I love teairra for her not giving up an just cause AUTOMATIC leaked does not mean it does not deserve 2 be given a chance 2 be a strong single ……….. and last I check this posting said Teairra not Ciara #imJustSayin


  13. LaMont

    I can’t wait to see this video! I love the “Sponsor” video! I hope the album actually comes out this time it’s been 2 years in the making.


  14. Mic Check



  15. Kev - DatFranchiseBoy ©

    I really love this girl and I’m rooting for her. She is beautiful and she can sing. I love both her and Rihanna and I can remember back when they both came out on Roc-A-Fella. Go head TT show em what you bout to do you bad as hell!


  16. NowThatsDope

    At That Point iisz GOING 2 be released . iDGAF whatt anybody says .


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