Rap-Up TV Interviews Brandy and Ray J: Part 1

Brandy and Ray J sat down with Rap-Up TV for a captivating interview in Los Angeles last week. In the first of our three-part chat, the singing siblings and Rap-Up fans discuss their return to reality TV in VH1′s “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,” premiering Sunday, April 11, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Plus, see how “American Idol”-obsessed fan Brandy reacts after we inform her that Simon Cowell is leaving the show. And you won’t want to miss Ray J’s hilarious Snoop Dogg impression. Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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  1. Jose-Spain

    Brandy is so Funny! I want another album as good as afrodisiac was!!


  2. javonscott

    i can’t wait!


  3. Travell Johnson

    I’m excited to see Brandy on TV again…and they need to release Moesha on DVD too! lol


  4. mal

    Brandy is annoying lol but she seems to be a cool sister though


  5. MACH

    deadd.. no ray j is annoying, but both of them together create an interesting dynamic. I have a sister that I’m close to and I can so relate!

    I love Brandy! :)


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    @ Travell Johnson

    HELL no Moesha needs to stay off DVD, I was watching it over when they was showing it on the N last year and I realized the jokes were dry as hell

    LOL @ brandy when they are talking about American Idol! I will definitely be watching their show.


  7. StayAfro

    Love their chemistry, its good. Brandy looks hot, I cant wait for the show


  8. lashanda

    phonenix your opinion doesn’t matter Moesha has a lot of fans ans the jokes are dry? yea right!

    It will be on DVD eventual DEAL


  9. let's be real

    that was hilarious. I think this show will be good in fact.

    “Moesha” was a good show . I still like the jokes and it should be on tv if only for historical purposes (first black teen female show)

    love them together..Ray J is a lil..much but he does make me laugh


  10. Terrell Johnson

    Ab.sol.utely., love B-Rocka!!! This interview was great and super fun I can tell. Loved it. Can’t wait to see Brandy on the small screen again.


  11. John The Fisherman

    Only washed up stars or future washed up stars have reality shows…


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