M.I.A. Slams Lady Gaga: ‘She’s Not Progressive, But She’s a Good Mimic’

M.I.A. and Lady Gaga

Not everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga. M.I.A. is not holding her tongue about the pop superstar in a new interview.

“People say we’re similar, that we both mix all these things in the pot and spit them out differently, but she spits it out exactly the same,” the “Paper Planes” hitmaker told NME magazine. “None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is.”

Both artists are signed to Interscope Records, but that didn’t stop M.I.A. from lambasting her labelmate. “She models herself on Grace Jones and Madonna, but the music sounds like 20-year-old Ibiza music, you know? She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fucking do! That’s a talent and she’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry’s last stab at making itself important—saying, ‘You need our money behind you, the endorsements, the stadiums.’ Respect to her, she’s keeping a hundred thousand people in work, but my belief is: Do it yourself.”

While the Oscar-nominated rapper, who will release her third album this summer, admitted visuals were important, don’t expect to see her dancing in a prison yard or decked out in caution tape. “It’s not like Haus of Gaga,” she laughed. “Me blindfolded with naked men feeding me apples and shit.”

Gaga wasn’t M.I.A.’s only victim. Ke$ha also bore the brunt of her comments. “I’m more concerned by how someone like Ke$ha can so blatantly copy [electro-rapper] Uffie,” she said. “Everyone’s fine with it. Not a fucking lawsuit in sight.”

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  1. A.D.S

    hahaha i love m.i.a for this, even though i think her music isnt all that great..however she is right about gaga’s music..her songs dont reflect how she portrays herself outside of music..she doesnt sing songs about how weird she is, what its like being bi-sexual, what its like feeling like an outsider etc..her music isnt ground breaking at all or anything unique to her. But yeahh.


  2. HumanitySector

    Thank god someone realised that Gaga sucks


  3. altered_mind

    M.I.A. is just speaking truth. I enjoy Gaga’s music, but she is right . . . her music doesn’t touch on the subject of her image or “creativity” the songs are always he kind that can be easily consumed by the public at large. Nothing necessarily groundbreaking.

    And she REALLY hit the nail on the head with the Ke$ha comment. That is all Uffie’s style right there . . . electro beats and all . . .


  4. P

    Damn right about Ke$ha. Annoying as hell! Girl needs to take a shower!

    Guess this is just a “publicity” thing for M.I.A.. Like her music is good… NOTTT!





  6. Toya

    I’m not a fan of Gaga, Kesha, or MIA but I love MIA for this. I agree that if Gaga didn’t insist on wearing crazy outfits all the time, people would have no interest in her.


  7. DIllon_68

    M.I.A. is the truth. I don’t disagree with a word she said.


  8. GaGa Is The Messi

    Jealous B*tch!!!! WTF!


  9. boom.VOO.POW

    Maya>>>Manly Papa
    GAG-GAG is a gimmick. Shes no true artist and its good to see a real TRUE artist put her on blast.


  10. me

    um. and where is M.I.A? lol. and 3rd album? lol when were the first 2? i just heard paper planes (wack) and she went M.I.A


  11. lilfid

    Really ???
    Really ???
    Lady Gaga has just transformed the Face of Music in the world !
    I don’t even know “Mya” ,she’s beautiful but …
    And that the the Truth !!!


  12. Ant

    So the truth finally comes out someones mouth,,. Thank god.

    BTW Plus Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna are all devil worshippers anyway, they always talking about sex and shiit in that nature, that isnt Women-pride thats just showing how much of a slut you are! How about gaga stop showing dumbshit on her videos & giving clues and actually sing about it,.. why doesnt she you ask?! Because it won’t sale. (PERIOD) I atleast give it to Rihanna for “take a bow” but um her other hits were songs that were about SEX. And all this electro shiit is WACK! All beats + no singing + no real lyrics that make sense? = TRASH!!


  13. Danyel Romaniaa

    haha M.I.A. is right when she says that lady gaga copies her n stuff


  14. myke757

    She coulda took a classier road and just said there is no similarities but going off on a rant like this sounds like jealousy…and who does she copy? TF


  15. boom.VOO.POW

    “change the face of music” Really? u don’t even believe that. hahaha
    gaga didnt change anything, she didnt bring anything new to music. Her music is pop garbage and her image is a fake. Shes nothing but a Grace Jones, Madonna, Roisin Murphy, Bjork wannabe.


  16. Rob

    Bitter much? Just because she will never have the same success as Lady Gaga, she has to bitch about her. Thats just jealousy!


  17. cari s.

    It’s the COMBINATION of Gaga’s music and image that makes her stand out. Yes, it’s been done all before. And perhaps it was done even better. But at least she has the guts to do something different in a music world filled with Justin Biebers, Rihannas and Beyawnces. Give the girl some time. I’m sure she will come up with great music in the future. Just like Madonna did. She’s going to be a music icon. Just like MJ, Madonna, Elvis and all the others. And M.I.A. can cry in a corner.


  18. Jason

    All you idiots who know nothing about M.I.A. and think that she is jealous need to understand her point better.

    M.I.A. was wearing outlandish and crazy outfits before Gaga, but her MUSIC is actually JUST as outlandish and original as her wardrobe. Lady Gaga’s music sounds exactly like all the other top 40 music, and falls right in with the same style of Britney, Kesha, and so on. Her point is that her style is so “weird” but her music is so “boring” and she didn’t even start the style.

    Which… regardless of whether or not you like Gaga, is true.


  19. Diamond Girl

    I love that she has no trouble sugar coating sh*t lol and speaking her mind..I felt she was quite accurate in most of what she was saying, (when u think about it)..I think that there is a certain way to do it though so it’s not perceived as how it was supposed to be meant. Most of the industry stuff today is recycled anyway no real originality. I’m just a fan of EXPRESSION


  20. Diamond Girl

    correction: “So that it is perceived at how it was meant to be”


  21. deephouse_muisc.



  22. JD

    Whatever Lady Gaga has done Madonna already did at least 10 years ago. MIA is right, she nothing but a gimmick and shes really fake. Let’s see where she is in the next couple of years and her stans will be eating their words.

    @ richie Im wondering the same thing. Ive seen the picks on other sites tho.


  23. bijan

    I completely agree


  24. tell'em

    I love me some Gaga but MIA is telling the truth. Madonna, shit even Kelis, have done things Gaga has done YEARS ago. I don’t know if this is the best way to go about it but she is right and has every right to state her opinion.

    Bring out the new album M.I.A.!!!


  25. fi

    dont mean to be rude to the US readers
    …but she grew up in europe…
    that’s why she sees things in a different light.
    i do 100% agree on her Gaga comments.
    M.I.A. for life


  26. Terry-Andre

    @ richie go head wit Ciara photos man, lmao



    ohhhhhhhhh shut up M.I.A. you’ve only had one hit single and that’s it hater… gaga is the next madonna and you know it


  28. drtash

    LMAO wow MIA put Gaga on blast!!!MEEEEEEOWWWWW!!!GRRRRRRR!


  29. Mike

    Who is Mia?


  30. p.c.

    Thanks 2 all the ppl getting behind GaGa…I’ve loved M.I.A. in the past, but what ever happened 2 being nice? lol. I think we all kind of knew that Ke$ha was either not-that-talented or original, but putting GaGa on blast for no real reason is whack.


  31. gab

    I never even heard of M.I.A!
    Gaga is dominating pop culture right now- all her songs are high on the charts and she’s bringing something different to music, take it or leave it.


  32. YUUUUUP!



  33. MIA

    No one knows MIA cuz she’s from Europe, not America. I swear Americans are sh%* for brains! I like Gaga but she’s fake, talk & sing about your life, but she’s just releasing garbage about sex, but I thank Shiva she’s better than that fake Riganna! My priest said Lady Gaga was ok but to never listen to Rihanna& that she’s a atheist making her career on being explicit singing & exposing herself.


  34. Miguel Rolle

    i love lady gaga and i love m.i.a , but sadly i do have to agree with m.i.a gaga talks that good stuff but her music is lacking the support .


  35. Christina

    I love M.I.A.’s music, but what a fucking hater! Who says that Gaga’s music has to match her clothing? M.I.A. doesn’t even make sense, she says, “Her music sounds like 20 year old Ibiza music,” and later goes, “She sounds more like me than I fucking do!” Which one is it then? Honestly, she’s just stirring shit for the sake of it/publicity. Laaaame.

    Also fuck her for saying that all Gaga has is a “great team behind her.” Whether she is a “phony” or not, she has been hustling with this image for the last two years ON HER OWN, not to mention all of the years of hard work she put in before that. She’s a not just any puppet for a label.


  36. sagb

    what a hater!!!


  37. WOWzers

    She’s right…no disrespect to GAGA but seriously if she didn’t wear kermit the frog all over her body and perform concerts drenched in blood who would care? All that “weirdness” GaGa portrays does not translate into her music…her music sounds EXACTLY!!!! like everything else we’ve been hearing for 10 years now I respect her because of the live shows and videos but HONESTLY!!!!!!!!!!! the actually music itself when stripped away from the weird wardrobes is nothing special at all…nothing “progressive” which is something M.I.A. clearly possess for those who for whatever reason have been living under a rock do your research…MIA is not being chased by some “Fame Monster” nor does she welcome “The Fame” lmao she is her own women and I LOVE IT!


  38. Yo_Rill



  39. UltraKid

    I like Gaga but I have to agree with M.I.A. because she is tellinh the truth especially about that bitch Ke$ha.


  40. stellar2

    i noticed that too, GaGa has cool songs but it doesn’t show who she really is like in what she wears….


  41. Alive

    She Should Keep Her Mouth Shut, Dissing Artists And Labelmates Arent Going To Get Her Far, Lady GaGa’s Had More Hits Than Her


  42. CIARA'S #1 FAN!!



  43. bread

    caca on the mind

    thats all I gotta say about that


  44. WOWzers

    and for the idiots the number of hits you have does not reflect the quality of your music…just the brains of the masses..Soulja Boy has hits to “Alive” so i’m guessing he and GaGa are entering the same level as MJ when it comes to the hits because #1 hits definitely equal INCREDIBLE MUSIC!


  45. smhh

    MIA is simply jealous


  46. Catie

    I’m a fan of Lady Gaga but i’d have to agree with M.I.A. Lady Gaga, through interviews and her style, comes off as this weird and different artist but if you listen to her music, it’s really nothing different from what we’ve heard in the past from artists like Madonna, Britney and even Kelis.


  47. Kevin

    Now I hope M.I.A. doesn’t some “those-words-were-taken-out-of-context” bullshit ’cause I love and totally agree with her for speaking the truth!


  48. Diesel

    I don’t even think it’s abt the fashion rip, Maya acknowledges Gaga wants to be “weird”, but that Wale song… Chillin or whatever. Both of them coulda done more with that.


  49. UltraKid

    Most of you don’t get that it doesn’t matter if you have a few hits or not—Being a good artist doesn’t mean you have to make lots of money or have you’re song on the charts. When Jay-Z made Reasonable Doubt came out it was unsuccessful but it was critical acclaimed and most Hip Hop fans consider it his best album—The album didn’t make lots of money yet today it’s considered a Hip Hop classic.


  50. LadySheamus

    Insiders always know the things we don’t, so her perspective can be owing to that. I’m not a hater but I’m not impressed by GaGa, given her interviews in particular. Nowadays people always compare everyone else to her as though she invented electronic music and fashion itself. Utter ridiculousness. Her voice is too good to waste on the oversexed garbage she puts out. It’s too bad.


  51. LadySheamus

    @MIA, you’re as ignorant as you think Americans are, lumping us all in the same group. There ARE some of us who know/love European music. Some of us Americans are well-traveled and are able to understand the world as much as you exalted ones. And what a ridiculous thing for your priest to say that listening to Lady Gaga is okay but not Rihanna. They’re both on the SAME LEVEL.

    Newsflash: Just because has a negative opinion of someone doesn’t mean they’re a “hater”. They would be if it was totally unfounded, which in this case it’s not. Methinks if you think she’s a hater for giving her opinion you’re basing it off of what you would say AS a hater. Some stans are such gimmick biters. Smh Gaga took a knob that was already there and turned it up to 11, that’s it.


  52. вeяячℓiσuѕ вeα

    just jealous and Lady GaGa has changed music and fashion


  53. Jigsaw

    Lady gaga is a nobody, its only because red-one is producing her music that she became big in the first place


  54. p.c.

    To all the people who say that they are Lady Gaga “fans” and then back stab her by saying “but I agree with M.I.A.” what the f_ck u onnnn?


  55. B

    thank you m.i.a.!!


  56. mitchell murray

    f uck off MIA and you c unt haters
    i would f ucking love to punch MIA in her dog face!


  57. mobi

    what wanna she say is that Lady Gaga tries to be weird (clothes, performances etc.) but her music could be from a 15 year old girl on american idol.


  58. pw15k

    dude this is all BS. I think M.I.A is just trying to get some attention because she wants sells for her album. Come on now GaGas music is great and shes not trying to be like Madonna at all. Shes her self and plus Gaga does not have to say shit about others just to get sells. Gaga is killin these bitches and they are just haters. So go Gaga


  59. Hybrid Gold-Circle 21

    They are both very beautiful women and I don’t see why we couldn’t all try a little harder to be more accepting of each others originality and less critical of each others weirdness.
    I think that there are probably more than one Gaga but I would still do MIA first cuz she jus a goijus lil doll fing. Then have Gaga do a whole rubber sub-routine…both of them..no..ALL of them! Maybe a love-jam with guitars in the steamy afterglow. – LoVELY LADIES SHOULDN@T FIGHT EACH OTHER :D <3
    God bless'em and their sexy, boob enhancing, latex laungerie! xoxoxo


  60. Waffle

    M.I.A is just freaking pissed off because she has no talent. She’s mad cuz Gaga has all the fans and everyone is always talking about her. M.I.A is just a sad cry for help, shes trying to pick on her real idols. Maybe when she gets some real talent she can talk smack.
    Gaga & Ke$ha Forever!


  61. Cdn

    Hi. I haven’t read through all the comments, but here’s what I think. I can understand where MIA is coming from, and I think she’s right, but Lady Gaga is still an incredible entertainer. I feel like she glorifies human’s ugliest truths, like in “telephone” or “bad romance” or “the fame”. Here in North America, every teenage life seems to revolve around the mundane and also ugly details of celebrity lives. It’s kind of glamorous and appealing exactly to what the public has been consuming for decades. I also feel like she’s completed a sort of metaphorical consumerization of sex. Anyways, Lady Gaga’s material is entertainment for the masses and an opportunity to look ourselves in the mirror for those who want to take the time. It’s about North American culture, or at least what it’s become. Lady Gaga is about here. MIA’s music on the other hand is about bringing to light the mundane and ugly details of the third world. I feel like they do the same things based on different demographics, intended for the same audience and with the same purpose – to inspire thoughtful reflection. This isn’t unique to these artists alone, but the two have very similar styles of doing this. I like both of them, and I think that celebrities shouldn’t bash each other, especially when you are so similar.


  62. Kris

    I bet over half of the people on here have not heard all of her songs, because if they had they wouldn’t be saying her music is not groundbreaking, or a representative of how wierd she thinks she is. What you say is nothing great and just good for massive public consumption are her singles, which are for just that!!!!! PUBLIC CONSUMPTION!!!!!!!! M.I.A. There is a reason that you aren’t as big as gaga. YOUR MUSIC SUCKS. The only one that got noticed was paper planes, which was AS repeptitive as a Nascar. I’m just saying guys, if you’re going to slam someone’s music, listen to the whole fucking album. :) Also M.I.A. Even though your music sucks, your baby is so adorable!!!!!


  63. Toya. T

    This is actually embarrassing. Pathetic little sheep bleeting on about how Gaga has “brought something new to music”… Isn’t music what you HEAR with your ears? Next time Gaga’s video is on tv, close your eyes and listen – and THEN come on here and talk out of your asses about she’s changed music. She should get a medal for RECYCLING, but she has brought NOTHING “new” to MUSIC. Videos aside, it’s people like MIA who make you sit up and listen (you know, that thing you do with music?) – her words are about the evil of corruption and war, about ambition and deliverance. Subjects for real people, not pathetic little pansies, followers and airheads. MIA is the real pioneer in this equation, unfortunately it just so happens that the biggest spenders are daft (thats English for “dumbass”) girls with no minds of their own, and teenage boys who wear lipgloss. Hence Gaga and Rihanna will sell more records by providing an over-sexed, unintelligent role-model, and calling it ‘self-expression’….. What a joke – sad, really.



    I like all three Gaga, MIA, and a few of Kesha’s songs, but come on people really someone who has to go around “blasting” other artists is a little pathetic. Also all these people commenting that Gaga is a fraud are stupid and need to really look into her music because when it gets down to it she is nothing less than a true artist. She writes her own music, and yes it does reflect her “weird” self you have to read into the lyrics and figure out what they mean. She never lip syncs when performing live, she loves her fans and sets an example to be what you want and don’t care what others think, and many other things that define her as a true artist. I like MIA but to be honest this makes her look worse than any other artist out there, why doesn’t she stay concerned with herself and her own music rather than trying to “blast” other artists and their music. Another thing is that it kind of looks like she is just picking some of the artists that are the biggest sellers today and saying they are fake because they sell a lot of songs and have a lot of fans. Kind of sad, and makes me think negatively of MIA.


  65. Deanna

    Thank you Bad Romance for saying something that actually makes sense. I used to absolutely love M.I.A. That was before…I read this. I have lost so much respect for her. I mean come on. I could see ANYONE blasting Ke$ha, the poor thing has no talent whatsoever. But M.I.A. is just way off here. She’s not only speaking her mind; she’s angry. It shows. Can you say publicity???? M.I.A. sweetheart HOW does she sound like you??

    She’s just hateful here.

    The people agreeing with her are just GaGa haters and M.I.A. lovers, thats obvious. Anyone with a brain can see that she’s being more than “honest” or “outspoken”.

    She’s just being an a hole.


  66. Deanna

    LOL @ Jigsaw saying GaGa is a nobody…ohhh okay!! Lol wow you lightened my mood, youre just so stupid


  67. Emza

    Pointing fingers at people for mimicry is totally ridiculous. Nobody can be original. Its impossible. Everyone is influenced by somebody else, and thats what makes life interesting. So get over it.

    & GaGa is AMAZING <3


  68. Denny

    Yes…Lady Gaga can get annoying with the over-camped and hyped up “Look at my electro-clash/post-punk/new wave-like image that doesn’t match the music I create.
    If you’re gonna bash a pop star who’s trying to be unique, make sure that you are a natural yourself at being original, or you’re going to come off as a very jealous and sad person.
    P.S. – I’d rather listen to a clown perform meaningless 20 year old Ibiza music any day, over trailer court alternative jive.


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